OBB Preloved Sale III

So glad I went early hitch-hiking a ride with Adriani Bunny to OBB, arrived around 11++ in the a.m and we had some breakfast at Killiney's. There were already girls arriving and waited in front of OBB's door even before 12pm! And when Jezmine started opening the door, the crowd came stampeding in and grabbed all the clothes & shoes as fast as they could. It was super duper crazy! I had to push around the crowds myself to see all the clothes hanging. Once done, I gathered all my loots and put it at the back of the store, and go on helping out them girls picking up clothes on the floor and putting them back on the rack. Pictures!

Me & the petite sweet cookie, Jezmine Zaidan.
Gorgeous owners of the preloved goodies that was sold at ridiculous low prices; Nadia, Mine, Lyana, Edi.
my lovely scarflets; Shea, Adriani, Maghia, Jezmine, NurAzlin (who drew our scarflets photos in Chinese ink), Yana
With the beautiful Wanie & Nina
Oblivious of Maria Elena 'posing' behind me T_T, me & Iylia Chica (my colleague @ Sony & roommate during my bujang days)
Was wearing; Yem colored Ilsya Hijab, white pussybow top from Ilovebluerry, harem pants from The Shoplifters, colorful strapped on heels bought from Adriani at RM15!

I got 4 tops, 1 dress, 1 brand new OBB birdie scarf, 1 maxi skirt, and one sweet lookin' killer heels (which I instantly wore) for less than RM150! I'll take some pictures later. I went back home around 4pm and joined them for dinner at Serai, Empire later that night. Finally got to meet handsome boy Luqman Wazif ;) update on that dinner date on the next entry.

p/s: Thanks to all the girls who came by and said hi to me yesterday, ALL of you were so pretty & stylish I was feeling super shy and just sat at a corner contemplating myself haha. Do tag me on facebook or email me all the photos, hope you guys had as much fun as I did :))



  1. omg ruginya i tak pegi! T_T. Next time when you still wanna invite me for next bazaars/sales. I MUST GO!.


  2. bestnyeww....x penah pegi pon preloved sale cm ni...hijab diaries pre-loved sale 29 jan ni pon x pat pegi...mmbr sume time law ad event cm ni, akak jgn lupe invite sy gak....hehe....

  3. sejuknya mata melihat gadis-gadis ittew... :P

  4. You ladies are so beautiful! I love these photos, the chic style and the lovely colors are so great :)

  5. @diana, ofcourse la i akan ajak u! next me & jezmine and 2 other friends will be joining Tongue in Chic Chicpop bazaar on 22nd. Datang tau, details I'll announce later :)

    @teha, takpe2 akan ada banyak lagi event lepas ni :) 22nd boleh datang kat jaya one, pj?

    @1412, huhuhu suka leww tewww :P

    @charlie, thank you love!

  6. hai,i ada dekat sana hari tu :)
    if nak tengok gambar,boleh visit my blog :D

  7. Looking good there Ami, loving those heels!

  8. @nursuhada, thank you dear. u n ur fren cute sangat :)

    @aimie, wow coming from that's a big compliment! thanks aimie, ur my fashion icon :)

  9. aiyarkkk...x ley r kak...start cuti ry cine pon 28 ganu sush sket nk gerak2 dok KL sti da g dh...hmm...cuti 4 buln start jun nnti kompom sy trun law ad event...hehe...thanx 4 da info...=)

  10. was about to go.. tp ntah macam mana punye plan, we all end up pegi fahrenheit & BB... durhh!

  11. girl your shoessssssss ... gawjusss

  12. Hi!

    I from Brazil.. I love you blog.. so cute! I following u!



  13. looks amazing!
    loving your blog dearie! please come and stop by mine sometime :)

  14. I really like your outfit here. You're very creative mashaAllah =)


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