Mimpi Kita + Reka Kita + Kmeja Pt. 1

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive launch of Mimpi Kita's new boutique, which is now situated at 15-1, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru; infront of La Bodega Deli. Yesterday also marks the day where Mimpi Kita reveals two more of it's in-house labels - expanding to home deco Reka Kita and menswear Kmeja.

The collection.

Among the celebrities that strutted on the runway;
The gorgeous Fouziah Gous ♥, she looks so mermaid-like especially in this long beaded dress - can you see the train of this dress? Amaze-balls!

The cutesy Heliza Helmi, can't believe we meet earlier than expected! ;)

Marsha Milan Londoh in my most favorite dress, butterfly chic! ♥ She's so fierce! *wiggles finger*

The ethereal Juliana Evans, in a dreamy ombre laced dress with long train ♥

Aizat Amdan in Kmeja's shirt & boat shoes.

Dream girls, Nurul Zulkifli & Mira Zulkifli with celebrities & models.

Can't believe that I'm actually blood related to Tiar Zainal! His mom recognized me and asked how I was doing and all, so sweet. Gotta show this picture to my mom :D Lesson learned, know your relatives! Distant or not XD

Tiar Zainal is a very well known make-up artist, I first got to know about him when Anil used his service for her wedding. Gorgeous work! Check out his work here. Wished I had used him for my wedding ♥

Standing next to the flawless Vivy Yusof, owner of Proud Duck & Fashion Valet. She's like my idol, so young but so successful! *contemplates self* I'm so old and bleurgh -_-"

With Wynn, best friends for 14 years and counting. Now she's all grown up and a budding model, awww! Mama is so proud baby girl! ♥

STARSTRUCKED! Lisa Surihani & baby (baby was super interested with ma bling!), Heliza Helmi, Fouziah Gous. Saw Liyana Jasmay but didn't get a chance to take a photo with her, and Juliana Evans :(

Mimpi Kita girls, Nurul Zulkifli & Mira Zulkifli. I can still remember the first thing I bought from them; an Audrey Hepburn portrait from their online blogshop (at that time) which she met with me in person and coincidentally she's actually my husband's unimate. Since then we sorta clicked, and I definitely love their taste in modern yet modest fashion, that's why I entrusted them to make my solemnization dress (first person ever to do wedding dress with Mimpi yaw!) - going from a small blogshop to opening a boutique with such prestige reputation; I'm in awe! Love their effort & motivation to improve themselves constantly ♥ Very inspiring..

Thanks again Nurul for inviting me & Diana for joining me to the event. Stay tuned for more pictures in part II ;)



  1. do u know dat u do look like emilda, sister of emilia rosnaida? ;)

  2. really?? nobody ever said that hmmm maybe just the round cheeks haha but thanks i think she's lovely and has a positive attitude :)

  3. cool event and new label! thanks for posting about them.

    you look gorgeous in that colour by the way:)

    xx raez

  4. wah wah ami....

    this is a great cover!
    the collections are veautifuuull!!

  5. AMAZING photos, ladies look gorgeous in their floor length gowns. I love the color of your scarf btw ;)

  6. The collections are superb! Cantik betul semua :)

  7. ehem.. saya pun nak try tempah baju kahwen kat mereka. hihihi

  8. Compared to all the celebs and famous figures attended, I think you Ami have the most beautiful colour on.. hehe Love the colour of the scarf. Seriously it suits you.

  9. i kind of agree with nurarinab's comment, u do look alikde emilda

    btw, nice outfit that you are wearing ;)

  10. owh how I envy you with the stunning hijab style! :D wish i can attend such events.. ;)

  11. haha wat a small world..u related to TIAR ka...tat cousin of urs yg pakai specky tuh my junior kat sekolah dulu la

  12. It was nice meeting you that day! :)

    Thank you for the kind words ami... I'm so not flawless or successful, but you totally made my day anyway haha

    Hope to bump into you soon.

  13. ami -- luv juliana evans dress and marsha one... I like!!!!!

  14. thanks everyone! all the celebs looked super gorg in mimpi kita's new collection aye ;)


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