ASK AMI: Loose Fitting Pants (Hijab-friendly Style)

Salam Fadh, that's a very good question & how nice of you to ask on behalf of your friend. I was pretty dumbstruck too when I first started wearing hijab on what I should & should not wear and what would be best for my image as a muslimah yet still be fashionable. I am truly not the best person (I myself am guilty of wearing skinny jeans sometimes) to answer this but I'll try alright? As far as I know, tights/leggings & skinny jeans is probably not the best choice of bottoms appropriate for a muslimah as it shows the shape of your legs to a V. Below I have compiled types of pants that are hijab-friendly, hope this will help your friend better at styling herself;
Boyfriend jeans is a type of loose fitting sort of baggy jeans which was a very popular trend in 2009. It doesn't really have to be your boyfriend's, just look for straight cut jeans -- flared or boot-cut isn't flattering for this kind of look. Fold them up at the bottom hem and they have to sit just above the ankle, not folding the hem just wouldn't pass the message that it's oversized. You may choose to pair these boyfriend jeans with feminine frocks or if you opt to wear tight masculine tops, make sure you add a piece of lady-like blazer or a bat-wing cardigan.

Tapered pants are trousers popular during the 1980s and early 90s and worn by both genders. The pants sat high on the waist, ballooned around the hips and thighs, then tapered at the ankle.

Harem pants were made popular by western celebrity M.C Hammer in 1980's. They have a drop crotch, wide on the hips and cuts slightly straight down to the ankle. There are many versions of harem pants but the ones shown in the pictures are quite appropriate for a hijab clad lady. A more exxagurated version of harem pants can be seen here at Hijab Scarf where the crotch falls down almost to the ankle and makes a child of a long skirt mixed with baggy pants. As the pants is already quite unique, pair it with simple tops under a jacket or blazer. Accesorize with heels or boots to create a long limbed look.

Flared pants has made a comeback this year 2011 whereby lots of designer had injected 70's glamor into their latest collection, most are high waisted wide-leg pants. Best worn with neat bow-blouses, especially ones with billowing or bishop sleeves and wedges. If you feel the need to smartly tuck in your shirt, don't forget to add a thin belt. Layer over an oversized blazer or long vest to cover your back.

Pallazo pants is the 'resort' cousin of wide-leg pants family, it's more casual. Often wide from the top to bottom, made of various light weight fabric with plenty of drape & flow. Wide leg pants looks best with heels (pumps/boots/wedges), it just doesn't work very well with flats unless you're going to wear it a masculine type of flats eg. brogues. Rules of accesorizing are the same with flared pants.

Lastly, a trend I have never tried before - skirt over pants. You can either hate or love this trend even Refinery29 has made an article about it. But seems like even the designers have appointed to try this trend, it's not so bad anyways if you really know how to style this. Wear a loose fitting skirt over your pants, best if it's a pair of skinny jeans. But since we're talking about hijab-friendly style here, I recommend you wear one size bigger for the skinnies as to not make it too fitting. Take a cue from the girls above on how to style it. Good luck!

Apart from pants, you can also wear maxi dresses or long maxi skirts for added chicness. If you are wary of pants that falls above the ankle to be a bit revealing, try wearing heels with socks, I find it utterly adorable!

I hope this article can help all fashionable muslimah out there! ♥

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Pics resourced via my tumblr, Hijab Diaries, Fashionising.



  1. i'm sooo gonna go for bf jeans! thats the only pair that i never own.

  2. i love you! hehehe suka sangat ..thanks for sharing ..mesti ramai yg inspiring tgk entry ni termasuk i .. i need skirt over pants it!!!!

  3. i love this tips!!thanks for sharing :)

  4. nice.but where can i get palazzo pants?

  5. ooo I'm always on a look out for palazzo pants.. but I never seem to fins it anywhere.. do share if u find any source anywhere ok babe

  6. tak pernah try tapered pants, pallazo pants, and socks with heels.

    my favourite - skirt over pants. boleh cover behind kalau pakai t-shirt pendek or low cut jeans.

    boyfriend jeans and flared pants are my new favourite items. dulu skinny jeans memanjang :P

  7. I love your fashion tips babe. I got some pants that you mentioned above like palazzo and flared pants. But I seemly too much in love with skinny jeans. Anyway I love to fold them up at the bottom hem,it's kinda cool style.

  8. @safura & eida, as for pallazo pants - 4th & 5th photo from left is from Topshop latest collection. Check out your nearest outlet :)

  9. Berjihad dalam fashion. Good one. You're proving to everyone yang pakai tudung pun u can still look fab.

  10. i love all these pant options! boyfriend jean and harem pants are on my list!

  11. i teringin sgt nk pkai tapered pants, tp tkt tk sesuai with my body type :\

  12. @L, belum cuba belum tahu :) if risau hips nampak besar wear a long vest/cardigan to cover your back :)

    thanks everyone! :=B

  13. how to be fabulous in uniform? no more fancy office wear ;(

  14. @fab lane, be fabulous once you're outside of work then! :)
    or pair your uniform with a chic bag, shoes, bangles and a simple clean make-up. One small detail makes all the difference :)

  15. Assalamu Alaykum Ami :)
    Love the way you displayed images. Heart Pallazo pants :)

    Amber Misk


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