ChicPOP + Heliza Helmi

My come hither look, I put on this look at ChicPOP all day to seduce customers into buying my clothes & shoes. When I'm tired, I made Robert Pattinson do the job and he was more succesful at it than I am, ah go figure! XD (just kidding peeps)

Shared the booth with Jezmine, Anna & Wartea. At first we were a bit sad coz we had the end lot but turns out it gave us so much space to move around our stuff. Thanks to Jezmine who brought along her super long railing and with her wiseness, we maximized the space given. If it were up to me & Wartea, the booth would've looked terrible! Photos taken before the crowd started coming in at 12pm :) By the end of the day, there were only two pairs of my pumps unsold! Woot XD

My sisters & fellow blog readers, thank you so much for the support & saying hello to me. So sorry if I was too busy or if I didn't smiled enough to you guys when I was tending the booth..

Girlfriends! Fariza & Wynn came to give their support ♥ Wartea & baby Nia Hasya!

From top left, anti clock-wise; Nareez Zabidi & Shikin, with Sueann Chong (Managing Director of Tongue in Chic - was so sweet of her to come & chat with me eventhough she was super busy. Thanks for your kind words hot chick!), Karen Wong (Editorial Assistant of TiC), Lyna "motif" Kamal and ofcourse my panda Naz who stayed the whole day with me ♥ & in the largest pic from left, Sharifah Amani aka Dr. Tita, Yani Msvlad & all my lovely ladies.

Meet-up with the Scarflets at Nando's Jaya One, for a special session with Heliza Helmi. Heliza even brought along her own entourage, PA Zeq & 3 of her own photographers. She's absolutely dazzling and talkative, cute as a porcelain doll & of course she smiled and chatted with every single one of us. I didn't stay long coz I had to tend the booth and luckily Heliza & the girls went to my small itsy bitsy booth. Gave away a belt & pair of white studded flats to the star coz she's been so kind ♥

Saving the best for last, pics of me & the darling star. Thank you so much for coming to meet us ♥

All in all, ChicPOP was such a success. It has been really long time since I last joined a bazaar/flea market, was a bit out of touch but I had the help of pro-seller Jezmine so I was really lucky. Plus, Anna, Wartea & Naz was a big help at serving all the customers who came. Really satisfied that I sold most of the shoes and atleast half of the vintage dresses & men's clothes from Monday Monsieur (gave the unsold men's clothes to my lil brother :)). Packed up all the unsold vintage clothes & gave it away for the recycle charity bin, our 3rd round these past two months. Had been cleaning up my closet & his too, so stuffs that we no longer wear were given up. Including some of my shoes >.<

Anyways, notice the brand new header? Made it myself! Finally gotten around with photoshop again. Also made this for the upcoming shop site, wait for it coz it's gonna be LE-GEN-DARY! ;)



  1. Thankssssssss Ami for sharing with me, and for the help.. Sorry couldn't stay back till the end *saddddddd* lawaaaaaa entry ni! Xoxo n hugsss

  2. @Jezmine, thanks mine share dengan i jugaaaaak. You've been a lot of help tau tau ♥

  3. Hey sis! :D I pon ada gambar u di booth korang.

    Nice meeting yah!

  4. @zainatun, u r sooo cute! thanks tangkap gambar dengan kami <3

  5. hehehe. thanks for the compliment! Of course it's my pleasure to take picta with you both. The lens brand is Bionics touch violet in color, it's for a month only. Price: Rm30! hahaha.

  6. ouh ade je! I pakai yang ada power punya lah. :D I beli dekat kedai dekat area sg buloh. Much cheaper. Kedai2 lain sampai rm60 pon ade. padahal sebulan je. not worth it!

  7. so cute larh this entry..hee..btw..lawa larh sis header u..

  8. i love ur tagline.
    wait for it... coz it's gonna be legendary!

    i teringat iklan HIMYM! HAHAHA

  9. @zainatun, thanks for the back-to-back info! you've been really nice & helpful <3

    @sue, thank you dear hihi

  10. ami im a big fan of HIMYM tooo...dah tgk semua episode...season 6 happy +sad too..tapi memang awesome to the max..cant wait for the next season yippieeee..

    ami sgt cantik dlm gmbr first tu tau

  11. @putrinorashiqin, HIMYM best gilaaaaaaaaa. yeah yang season 6 ni banyak juga sad moments kan (huhu nyorok nangis).. thanks for your compliment love <3

  12. I wanted to go ChicPop but tak berkesempatan.

  13. @johan, it's okay johan. there will always be next time :)


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