LIKE A GF1, baby!

I was discharged last Thursday with the news that I can't go through transplant because there's not enough stem cell for it. Even from my own. There is about 20% chances of the disease to strike back, some doctors (well actually Dato' Dr. Chang, head of Hematology Ward told me it's 30%-40% chances). So I was feeling down & slightly depressed about it the whole day... Even though honestly before that 50% of my heart said I didn't want to go through transplant coz the recovery period after it will be extremely tedious but when they told me my wish was sorta granted, I felt sad and sort of taken aback. Be careful what you wish for they say...

I'm going to go for a check-up & consultation at the end of this month to know the in-depth result of my bone marrow aspiration. Hope it's still cancer free. Doc said I might have to come in for check-up every 3 months and after 3 years if everything turns out smoothly, I can safely be labeled as a cancer survivor... amin!

After Naz picked me up, we went back home to change and shower and joined Naim, Ana & Jannah at Lowyat Plaza. Ofcourse we were hunting for a new camera but I didn't thought we'd be bringing one home that night! We came down to two choices, Sony NEX or Lumix GF1. Coincidentally they had a promotion for GF1 at RM2099 you'll get an extra battery, 8gig memory card, backpack, cleaning kit & lens of choice. I was highly contemplating the GF1 coz I personally not much a fan of Sony' cameras, no offence boss! But Naz was still weighing his choices..................

Ana quickly decided & wanted to get the GF1, I was like awww man! Now I reaaaallly want one! Haha XD but Naz still said he wants to think about it first ............. :'(

With Ana's new white GF1, cute just like R2D2!

Was wearing; Neon yellow oversized tee bought online, grey 3/4 sleeved tee from H&M, light grey skinnies from Zara, vintage brown belt, Nose wedges. Jannah was wearing Threadless tee, Levi's jeans and Bata shoes (she told me this incase I want to write it in my blog, lol!). My first time meeting this cute teacher, so petite & adorable! Ana is her usual humble self, the nicest songbird I've ever known. She even came to visit me during my first few chemo sessions at the hospital.

Suddenly Naz agreed to buy the GF1 and I was so freaking happy! Chose the red colored GF1 for myself. Lounged a bit at Starbucks and then we went to Naim's studio, me & Naz played with this half mask;


I freaking looooove my new camera, super sharp + instant bokeh + auto-focous and urgh just so much loove! When I brought the camera to the Scarflets photoshoot, everyone went gaga over it. Yanny even made a post about my new 'magic' camera. Naz was proud enough to say this was one of our best buys ever and he was glad I insisted on it ;) toldja!

p/s: Anyone know where can I get really nice leather casing that covers the back and lens, half body casings I mean..



  1. best nyew new year,new cmra....
    btw....ana rafali kwn u? =)

  2. wooot.. awesome new cam... I know there is one for olympus PEN.. a leather one
    try go see if they have for lumix

    P/s: I am praying for cancer freee marrow. 20% chance is big but still its not a totally bad odds. keep positive ok

  3. @tehateha, her official photographer is a good friend of my husband :)

    @eida, thanks dear <3

  4. Ami kucing comel,semoga cepat sembuh dan sentiasa kuat =)

    btw kamera nih beli kat maner nak beli jugak kat tempat u best jer promotion dia kan

  5. yerp..mane u the promotion still on?

    eventhough i dont really know u..praying for u to get well soon. :)

  6. @putri, hihi suka orang panggil saya kucing. lagi kalau comel ^_^. Tak sure if promotion is still going on but I beli kat Lumix Station, Lowyat Plaza.

    @Deba, tak pasti samada promotion tu still on or not. Saya beli kat Lumix Station di Lowyat Plaza :) Terima kasih sebab doakan kesihatan saya <3

  7. ok takpe..thx ami !
    love ur style :p


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