CONTEST: Cheap & Chic

Mint Green Dress RM35, H&M Varsity Jacket RM80, Topshop Gold Cuff RM23, Primark Gold Heels RM30, Daisy Diamond Earrings RM15. Total = RM195 (including postage!), all from FRIENDLY FASHION. Hijab & shades is my own ^_^.

When I was contacted by 1 half of the amazing power behind Friendly Fashion, Nadzirah to collaborate & style an outfit for a budget of RM200 from the stuffs at Friendly Fashion I quickly said yes and take it upon myself as a challenge. Personally I am such a sucker for fashion under a small budget because I myself am not born with a silver spoon in my mouth therefore working hard to get things I want is the only way to go, that or resort to DIY and buying second hand items. While other people throw away and sell their trash, I would go and hunt these items & turn them into treasures. Truth be told, I actually spent my first salary as an engineer in Sony four years ago on hoarding second hand items! Alas, it really has been awhile since I last bought vintage or second hand items for my closet. Once I started back again, I almost couldn't stop! This is all your fault Nadzirah, haha! 

I was going for the SPORTS LUXE trend going on around the fashion world the past few seasons. And thankfully I haven't own any varsity jacket yet so it was high time to add one to my closet. There are quite a few of varsity jacket in FF, I even bargained the highest price down and got a free postage from the buyer ;) And that gold Topshop cuff was indeed a lucky score, priced only at RM23 I grabbed it as soon as I saw it! As for the mint green dress, it's indeed color of the season! You've seen me rocking mint and a variation of greens lately ♥ Thank God the seller contacted me back because previous buyer went m.i.a, at only RM35, who can resist?!

Since the varsity jacket was black & white, I thought I should add a bit of monochrome bling as well to bring up the luxe point. Hence the Daisy Diamond earrings at RM15.

Gold glitter pumps, even if it's a size bigger I still bought it coz it's whimsical gold and has the perfect ladylike design (reminds me so much of my favorite fashion blogger, Nicole GaryPepperVintage's thrifted gold pumps). Alhamdulillah I had no problems walking in it, I mean the pumps didn't fall off and hit somebody when I walked despite being a size bigger ;)

Love my gold finds! See, even if it's someone else's trash it definitely can be your treasure too. Don't everything I bought looks very much brand new?

Here's how you can win the outfit of you dreams too:
  1. You must create a creative collage of your dream outfit worth RM200 (items must be from FRIENDLY FASHION) to 
  2. Collages will be posted on FB page daily and Ami Schaheera FB page name will be tagged as the stylish guru who will decide on winners.
  3. Contest submission ends 31st May 2012.
  4. One winner will be chosen and it will be announced in the first week of June.
  5. Buying of items will begin straight after winner is announced.
Contest terms and conditions:
  1. Contestant must be a member of FRIENDLYFASHION.MY. Just log in using facebook and you're good to go!
  2. Items in collage must be from FRIENDLYFASHION and be submitted to
  3. Postage delivery is included in RM200.
  4. The decisions made by Ami Schaheera and FRIENDLYFASHION Crew is final.
  5. Items that are no longer available in the dream outfit will not be held responsible by FRIENDLYFASHION.
  6. Items that are no longer available in the dream outfit may be replaced by another item as long as it does not exceed the budget of RM200.
  7. FRIENDLYFASHION reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding the contest.

Check out FRIENDLY FASHION today and start collaging! Also like & follow them here:

Learn more about the SPORTS LUXE trend.


  1. kak'amie keren banget deh...
    suka jacket itu....

  2. cantiknyer mint dress tuh...........

  3. oowhhhh dress+varsity jd sgt cantik :)

  4. whoahh akak,
    gojes lah spect mata tu :)

  5. i love how u wore the varsity jacket !
    very pretty !


    1. aaaak thank you so much for visiting michelle! <3

  6. I love the way u look for the sport event! :)

    1. hehe not really for a sport event, just for a weekend out :)

  7. Omg I cant believed you could bring a whole new life to the shoes haha I'm Elaine guess you will catch what I meant... seriously very nice on you ! Tq for featuring the ballerina flats too! really impressed...I would bring more stuff up pls stay tune on my postings in Friendlyfashion dear!Cheers;)

    1. Ahahah thanks for selling them gold shoes Elaine, love it so much!

  8. cool la dear..i adore you so much! luv,iza krakerboxparty


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