behind the scene: Safiyya TV9

Thanks sisters Ecah & Timah  for letting me tag along for the ride to Shah Alam // Sha Elaiza is back in town! And she wore Schanaz Dubai Silk scarf in Emerald Green that night, I beamed like a proud mom when I first saw :)

So it has been quite a while since I last gathered with the girls, and when opportunity appeared in the form of 5 minutes of fame with my favorite set of girlfriends, why not? We were invited to appear in Safiyya TV9 (I'm not sure exactly when but it's usually Sunday 9pm). It was really nice to see friendly faces and spend some time together, with everyone so busy all the time it's not easy to gather around like this but half of the group was not there due to personal reasons :(

But we had a great time at the shooting, thanks to Eyqa for volunteering her newly opened boutique as the location for the shooting. And thanks to Aishah for being my stand in 'make-up artist', the recent chicken pox scar on my nose was covered up nicely! 
Do visit Sugarscarf at Seksyen 7, behind Jakel Shah Alam. Right above Fareeda boutique. You won't regret it!
Drapey Duo Scarf + Sequin top + Hannah Palazzo Pants.
I wore Shop SputnikSweetheart from top to toe! ^_^

Do watch out for us in Safiyya at TV9, Sunday 9pm. You'll probably only see my face grinning ear to ear like a fool next to all my graceful lady friends haha. Don't judge!