On 17.10.09,

First stop was Naz's STARian friend's wedding, in Kajang. Way early at 1130am to arrive but everyone was enjoying themselves, mostly families and close relative. One brother sang out of tune on a karaoke box and there were hoots and teases all over, so much warmth and fun. Didn't even meet the bride & groom, coz we got more places to go;

Beaded modern baju kurung from KL Sentral, batik from Bandung, Balmain inspired heels from The Shoplifters and a beaded thrifted clutch from Ipoh.

Then we rushed to my SEMESTIan girlfriend's wedding at Keramat. Hates MRR2 traffic jam furrealz. But enjoyed myself meeting up the girls, though only a few of us were able to come but it was fun nonetheless;

Fairuz & Eila
Cikin, Fariz, Wynn, me and Ima

Picture with the eager bride ;)

In the intimate bride & groom's bedroom, a chance we did not pass up. Haha!

Wedding gifts for all the celebrated brides & grooms of the day. And a chance to market my business :P

We stayed till about 3.30pm coz I just couldn't stop talking with them girls but I do have another wedding to go to, and this one is slightly outside of KL. In Kuala Kubu Bharu to be exact. We arrived around 4pm and we had to eat inside since the caterers has already started packing up. Woops! But atleast, I got to see my girl Farah in her pink wedding dress all beaming :)

Naz's best friend in MMU, paid her a visit since her house was just around the corner from Farah's.

Pretty Joanne :)

And finally headed back to KL around 6.30pm, arrived at Anil's house around 8pm. Tired but hungry? LOL. Naz still craved the spaghetti he didn't ate at Anil's, tu lah, sombong :P. Anil as always, a people's people, had streams of guests coming non-stop from morning till late midnight. Food were non-stop too, and home made! And delicious. I salute Anil's heart-warming tenacity as a hostess who never stops smiling bright and indeed very welcoming. Tiny, but full of high spirits.. Yeah, that would sum up Anil very well. Not to mention, her house is gorgeous!

Marriage tips?

Naz, me, Anil, Zam, Angah, Tina.

And we went home around 12am, feeling satisfied and very socially productive. Slept like a baby too. All well that ends well ♥

pictures from facebook; mine, ima's & anil's.


  1. hahahah jangan tak tahu, diorang tu lagi pantas planning dalam diam2 huhu

  2. wow what a great wedding, all the colours are so vibrant:)

    xx raez

  3. ami, missed u at fara's wedding. aku balik baru ko sampai..

  4. tu lah azzah, aku sampai pkol 4 doh.. buat malu je kanopi dah bungkus hehe

  5. ha ah, tak puas sembang ngan ko ami..tu y kitorg sambung sembang kat midvly.huhu..starbucks tu dah mcm kedai kitorg masa tu..gebang tak pandang kri kanan..huhu


  6. lainkali ajak aku laaa ima, suka tinggal kan aku :P


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