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While my monthly salary is not enough to buy a piece of Chanel 2.55, I've always coveted this piece of jewelry. Maybe one day once I've bought my own house, I'll save up to own one. Right now there's too many delectable to choose from in the fashion world that I don't have the will power to resist. And I've never been into buying fake designer goods, especially labels that I consider crème de la crème of all designers but...... this time I just couldn't resist. While buying a real Chanel 2.55 reissue bag has always been my dream, I think I shall be mildly content with owning something that look quite similar to it. High quality and doesn't look cheap, rather heavy on it's own. Ahh, the best part is it's price. The only thing I bought on my weekend trip last week to north of Malaysia.

I'll post up the picture soon once I've taken it out for a walk ;)
Now all I have to do is gather up some Chanel badges!


  1. ahhh i'm in love! how much did you get it? aaa grades are so hard to find now and they'll give you like five times the price until you haggle and shakedown. i love designer bags too but the price D=

    i have been trying to find the burberry knight counterfeit to no avail =(

  2. I love this Chanel collection the more I look at it. At first it was kind of annoying but Karl nailed it.

  3. junee, it was below a hundred! ooh burberry knight is a lovely choice but i reckon local blogshops will come out with something similar at affordable price.

  4. thanks Clara, Monsieur Lagerfeld is a genius :)

  5. Hey thanks for visiting Modelizer, I know what you mean, Chanel are suppose to be classy and simple but I just fell in love with this collection because it's so much fun without losing it's class. I don't know how Karl does it but that man can do no wrong! :)

  6. Thank you so much Ami for your sweet comment, the linkage, and for not finding offense! I honestly had no idea anyone would be offended/create such a debate.

    Sidebar back to this Chanel collection, I just remembered why I died a thousand times over it, Karl used anchors and it's one of my favorite items ever. I almost bought a questionable looking and fitting top from F21 tonight because it had an anchor on it. Always sucking me in! But I refrained. haha

  7. i love the Chanel. Paris-Moscu colletion. ;-)


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