AIDILADHA x Thanks Giving x TiC Style Award

So The Shoplifters has been over a year in the industry, we wanted to celebrate our 1st anniversary but we didn't, we were too busy with our personal life and abandoned the date like it had no meaning. Ahah no need for any despair now do we, since the beginning till now we have been maintaining our price at a minimum profit, enough to keep us going but still affordable for the folks who stayed on with online shopping because of it's benefits of not having to leave the house and order your wardrobe with an email at reasonable prices.

We are sure that despite that, we have our very own flaws to make-up with, we're working on it. From the deepest of our heart we're sorry if we had ever let anyone down with our mishaps, turn a new leaf shall we?

Alas there's a lot we would like to be thankful for but most of all we are thankful that you stayed on with us, till today ♥

Do vote for us on the Blog category at Tongue in Chic Style Award, never had we dreamt of being nominated, love us? Vote for us, if you want, once an hour would be swell haha!

Have a great holiday ahead, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha + Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe!

P/s: I'll be away till this Sunday. Will reply your comments then!

Shoplifter Ami // Sputnik Sweetheart