Makeup - double winged eyeliner, peach blusher and nude lipgloss.
Wearing - G2000 slouchy thin wool top, scored at RM29. Primark tiered hearts necklace. Pearl strand bracelet from Sarawak. Leather bangle from The Shoplifters. And a giant plastic blue ring, a free gift that just arrived then from Jujuwitata.

Pictures of the same day, above using my old chunky phone and below using webcam. I love taking webcam photos, I have a folder full of it in my laptop wherever I go.

Remember when I first started this blog? Well, ofcourse you wouldn't if you haven't started reading this from the start. I started this blog because all my friends (eg. shuz, rona, tina) have blogspot, it's only so much easier if I have one to (I use to have blogspot back in 2002/2003 but I've probably deleted them), and definitely not because I want to start a fashion blog but I do love how it turns out to be these days. I have a livejournal actually, one that I used to pour all the nonsensical banters in it's private entries. Back then, writing in perfect error-free Bahasa Melayu was such a trend, I mean it still is, I think. Not sure who started it but it was sorta fun, poking on how good/bad my written Bahasa Melayu at this age. Then I procrastinated and added slangs and pasar malam lingos into my writings, konon comel la. So not! Very embarrassing if I ever to read them again now. I should've stick with pure Malay writing or convert back writing in English as I always have been since livejournal and previous blogspot.

And fashion stuffs, well they come and go coz actually I'm quite shy to be writing anything fashion related coz dude........ I'm so not fashion savvy. So shy shy wan. I mean come on, look at Tavi! Compared to me? Bleurgh, not even in the same league. But then again, fiance just told me to do it if I like it so much coz by the end of the day it's my blog anyways. So that's that, and here I am, babbling about nothing. Haa..! I'm really bad at ending write-ups/entries.

Hmm, how did you start off with your blog?


  1. majolica majorca honey plump gloss BK122 :)

  2. hi ami!
    i love reading your blog.

  3. I start tulis blog since I'm 12 lagi. Waktu tu sumpah lame gila sebab semangat dok cerita pergi mana, tengok tv apa semua. Hahahaha!

  4. u look stunning..i love the tiered heart necklace.

  5. i love the tiered heart necklace:)

  6. i love the tiered heart necklace:))

  7. Hi Ayyman, I know rite masa I mula2 tulis blog dulu gilalah embarassing macam kanak2 siap tulis gaduh dengan roommate haha kelakar XD

  8. thanks xoxo, really appreciate the compliment(s) :D


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