Today I want to talk about something a bit more serious than clothes. Work. With the fluctuating situation of world economy I have to say I'm a bit more than just nervous thinking about the stability of my own job.

True, I have a permanent job (almost 2 years now, woah) which allows me to use the benefit of a credit card once and awhile and not worry about not being able to pay because I KNOW for a fact how much I'll be getting each month and apparently doing measly side income with two/three more online businesses does help, A LOT ehem!

However, with loads of rumors circulating the email world (what else office people do than gossip through mails?). I'm not so sure of how true this info is but it did scared me a little:
Flextronics 4 days week for Month Nov and Dec.

AMD Penang announced this morning VSS lay off 500 employees.

Spansion force to take leave (5 days in this quarter)

Jabil planned shut down from Dec 24 to Jan 4, will be 6 days leave.

Agilent planned shut down from Dec 24 to Jan 4, will be 6 days leave.
Jan09 might have another shutdown. No increment 2008 review.

Avago no plan shutdown as no more in house production, hiring freeze.

ASE shut down every fortnightly on Monday starting from Nov 3.

Fairchild planned 'Mass Vacation' for 9 days leave in FY08

INTEL - No increment 2008 review, VSS for those under perform and
massive cut cost/travel 2009, no shutdown plan yet

Motorola, Penang- Still hiring+profit, suspect got government 'look after',
Singapore cellphone plant cut 800 job and now waiting for sale.

Siltera, kulim - Propose close down this Malaysian 1st Fab company, loss RM4billion in 2008

SENSATA Plant shutdown from 22 DEC 2008 to 02 JAN 2009; NO increment in 2009;
NO Profit S hari ng in 2009!

As for the jap company I'm working for, they've decided that no overtime is allowed. We have to fill up a form prior to doing our OT, stating reason & length of time. Weekend OT is completely frozed, if the work has to be done during weekend when the production line is off, OT will be replaced with annual leave.

Furthermore, yesterday's latest rumor was that there will be only 6 working days in January. Damnson, if that's the case we certainly won't be receiving full pay are we?! Scary, our survival is at stake! Luckily the rumor was cleared up by our H.O.D this morning, he announced that we might have to take extra 3 days leave in December & 3 more days leave in January. Cuti paksa. All this will be going on up until March or April.. Who knows within that time what will happen to the economy.. or to the factory. I'm hoping it will remain strong :[

*sigh* As much as I hate this job, it's this job that took me to where I am now. I don't wanna loose it, not anytime soon. Seriously, tak nak.

Adding to this matter, my internet access at the office was suddenly blocked two days ago. Which was rather coincidental for the fact that my ip address came up as top ten best internet users *uhuk uhuk* (best lah sangat). Turns out it was just a virus infecting most PCs' at the office. Pergh, ingat dah nak kena yellow card tadi. Syukur....

*Currently scanning pc for viruses bertalu-talu.


  1. don't we all got it hard. expand expand!

  2. lucky you didn't get fired.
    lots of huge and multinational company did so to cut their labour cost.

    owh. where are you working at eh?

  3. hahaha...welcome to reality check.
    i do work in local plant (japan based) and market on 90% to Us/Europe market. electronic product. market forecast currently very very short turnover. normally they do (us/eu) 90 day market survey and return, but NOW we don't ever know their forecast for the next 7 day...scary when product just end up in warehouse. yes i do get cuti paksa from 24 dec ~ 5 jan. hahaha what will i do... and bonuses still in discussions, and no more lucky draw, annual dinner, sport day, family day...and they don't ask if i submitting my leave form. directly sign eye to eye.

  4. hey, i work in a japan based local plant to!

    "like no other" rings a bell? :)

  5. Ami,
    risau kan?
    ok lah u ada side income
    A LOT tuh
    and, ok
    u yg paling byk guna internet ye!
    I tahu sbb apa....
    eleh virus tuh nak cover je

  6. hehe ferdows, it takes A LOT to make A LOT.. banyak kena sacrifice tau including juggling triple muthafaka jobs at the office :P

    and internet is a privilege here, tak semua orang boleh guna therefore not hard lah to detect. they didn't directly know it was me, i pandai camouflage kuikuikui

    eh virus tu betul ok! *stares*

  7. oh encik 30sebab, kami tak pernah ada lucky draw and setakat 2 tahun ni takde lagi family day pun.. kedekut tau depa nih :P


  8. hi ami!!!

    me also been heard loads of rumor in the office. and i still don't know it they all true or not. hopefully not true lah but i still want the leave if they stiill give us pay. i mean full pay lah..

    anyhow, at least you have side income. me? nadah. evny you tau.. huhu...

  9. i'm sure they make us take the forced leaves and substitute it with our future annual leave (deducted).. or maybe we have to suffer working more saturdays (as if it's not enough already)

    but i do hope the economy will get better soooooon!

  10. do you by any chance study in japan?

  11. anon, what an odd choice of name :)
    nope, i studied at a local public uni.

  12. err..the rumours are scary. now i need to think triple if i want to jump to another job...goshh


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