1. Siti has updated with a make-up tutorial.
  2. I want that vintage skirts from that blogshop, but that boy tak bagi :(
  3. I almost lost my handphone last night, fell out of my lap when I wanted to go to the ATM near Otai Burger. Thank God it has it's own velvet condom, so the ringing sound was not obvious although there were people very near by.
  4. The tailor lanyard I made was quite a sell-out. Something that I had not expected. Hehe, now I'm out of ring keys (watchamacallit?) and I misplaced 6 lanyard. Wish I can magnetize them back into place, I'm such a klutz *__*
  5. I love this Super Heroes sweater, it has it's own pair of ears! And can be zipped all the way up, except that I have Super Large Head so..
  6. I wore a vintage skirt as a tube dress last Sunday, because I don't have enough plain colored tee. Now why I know every girl seems to go frantic over plain tees.. Hmm..
  7. Bought two more vintage skirts last Saturday at U.O.X Block Party.
  8. I don't get kimono-frenzy. Why?
  9. I want corn in cups.
  10. I need to save money for Jakarta gadammit.
  11. My elder sister now has a blogshop selling scarfs & skirts, I need to help her revamp the blog. Kasihan dia.
  12. I hate music players on blogshops. Inappropriate imho.
  13. Listening to Bo's Bedroom Sanctuary.
  14. Hates dramaqueen kiasu men. Girls are allowed to be dramaqueens, within limits lah kan.
Okay why am I listing likes/not likes? Ahah tetiba, I really wanna update but I don't know what to write apart from the photos from last week's event lah kan.

Joyce KinkyBlueFairy, dD 3rdCulture Kid, Wynn my highschool sweetheart teman tidur pegi toilet tenet, Sarah Is The One i like.

i ♥ pherry clucker; i ♥ syazwin niza nasution.

Okaylah tu je, nak sambung shoplifting & engineering konon-kononnya.



  1. seconding your statement, i don't get kimono-frenzy too. Why?


  2. tu la pasal Emmy kan kan, macam hmm tak lah best sangat ... maybe it's just not my style though :/

  3. exactly...potong stim...not my style either, anyway, im loving the chain belt, it makes wonders. thanks ami ^^

  4. i have the same problem jugak.i need to start buying plain coloured tees.susahkan bila nak pakai skirts?

  5. @emmy yeke? glad that you like it! i wanna see you style it lah, macammana yea? :D

  6. @dzu itulah pasal, i have only like grey + pinkish red plain shirts. i had a 3/4 sleeved white shirt tapi mana ntah dah hilang.. needs to start collecting, hmmm..

  7. I hate music players on blogshops too. ganggu telinga betul.

    p/s:bila2 i msg u pass acc no. tak kisah pun k..i balik awal giler masa kat uox. my bf nak tgk bola.


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