WIWT: Sunshine In The Rain

Lovely Dress c/o KREE / Glitter Scarf c/o Eiliya Boutique / Bag H&M 

What a lovely day last weekend to be wearing yellow when at first it was super hot & ended with cold rain right after we left Ibdil's open house. Major love for this polka-dotted top which combines with peplum style drape skirt from Kree's Raya collection, check out the rest here. I didn't think I could work yellow but really I've been wearing a lot of this color for the past few weeks haha!

Went to Ibdil's open house, he is one of Naz's friend whom he got to know from instagram. Interesting how our generation nowadays makes friends from isn't it? From instagram, to twitter to real life friends. This is exactly the first time we're meeting him, Ibdil who actually works in the political line is a very charming & friendly guy. He even seated us with Anne Ngasri & husband and introduced us with all his other instagram friends too. I feel humbled.
With Ibdil, his lovely wife Ezadil & friends ♥

Group photo celebrating newly found friendship over instagram to life + celebrity of the day, guy with beard is Wak Doyok. Ibdil described him as latest hipster men's fashion icon. This was my first time meeting Wak Doyok and oh my he already have 23k followers on instagram! Cray cray!

After leaving Ibdil's house we did some grocery shopping at Village Grocer, Bangsar. Stocking up on fresh fruits & things organic. I bought organic wheatgrass, organic Vanilla Almond Coconut milk labeled Blue Diamond which was yummy & I add those to my everyday smoothies, fruits, zucchini, organic cane sugar , peppermint leaves, cherry tomatoes and some other stuffs. I guess a visual aid would appeal more to you guys, I'll take photos next time :) Had our dinner at BEN's coz Naz has been craving for BEN's pizza since Raya:

The food is yum! Ah well as expected of the BIG Group restaurants. I've been spending quite a bit this month, I'll share my purchases soon! Hope you guys had a great weekend ♥

*all pictures taken using Nokia Lumia 925 except for top three photos*

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