Bayou Batik Boutique (err, behind the silver car)
address: 16, Lorong Dato' Sulaiman, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur (same row as Omar Ali & Tadika Diyanah)

Bayou Batik is a retailer of hand-made batik wear. The company was formed in 2010 by two sisters, Hazlina and Zarina in Kuala Lumpur. Back then, they realised that most of the batik designs that were available in the market were mostly traditional and lacked modern and edgy creativity for the current fashion. Being passionate about the art of batik prints, the two sisters decided to join forces and realise their dream of creating modern and exclusive batik designs, and hence, Bayou Batik was born. Bayou Batik specialises in both traditional and modern Malaysian baju kurung; kebaya modern; scarves, jubah and kaftan for Muslimah clothing; blouses; mini kaftans and pareos for beachwear; and summery dresses. Let's check 'em out!

As I walked into the boutique I was quite stunned by ever so many choices of Batik pieces that they have and in so many designs as well. I was spoiled with choices! Quickly I asked Puan Hazlina to show me some of her must-haves that would suit my petite body. Lucky for me, Bayou Batik has sizes ranging from XS - XXL!

One of the Modern Kurung, love love love the delicate painting & pastel colors. Excuse my almost bare face, taking a break from makeup ^_^

Simple jubah / abaya with full lining, the scarves are also sold at Bayou Batik too ♥

Drape kaftan! I love anything drapey, the placement of hand drawn batik is just nice and not too crowded as well. Suitable for young & old ♥

My favorite would have to be this peplum kurung set! Simple & modern design ♥

Other favorites I didn't try on:

Apart from that, Bayou Batik has also been featured in loads of media including magazines & TV publications:
I think it's quite important that we treasure & wear our very own cultural heritage which is Batik, nowadays Batik wear can be worn in numerous designs! Classic meets modern contemporary, suitable for any occasions. Let's uphold Malaysia's own heritage, some highlight about Bayou Batik:

♥ They have sizes from XS - XXL, however if the design has run out on your size they are able to custom remake them for the same price as on the rack!
♥ Just add RM60 if you wanna add full lining! So cheap I tell you!
♥ Price is from RM200 - RM800, quite affordable considering that all the batik are hand drawn with high quality materials. Anything priced above that are usually adorned with high quality swarovski.

They are also selling inner wear & muslimah sporty wear.

Me & the lovely & sweet Puan Hazlina ♥

Thanks love for waiting me out & being my forever photographer! Naz was wearing Batik too, except his was from TOPMAN teheee..

Scarf Magazine Boutique / Shades BYJAP / Blazer UNIQLO / Dress THEPOPLOOK

Don't forget to give BAYOU BATIK a visit today! 
address: 16, Lorong Dato' Sulaiman, TTDI, Kuala Lumpur (same row as Omar Ali & Tadika Diyanah)
By the way they're having a SALE RIGHT NOW!!!
Looks like I gotta drop by again! XD

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