Lunch @ Grafa, SS15 Subang

Scarf Jenahara / Lace cardi MNG / Palazzo Pants THEPOPLOOK
Current favorite face look - strong eyebrows. I don't pluck, I just fill them in with eyebrow pencil and comb them into place. What's your current favorite face/makeup look?

As usual for the #GlamCats clan, a meeting at 12pm most usually means everyone will arrive an hour two later. Lin arrived the earliest at 1230pm, she drove like cray from Ampang probably thinking she's already late, the whole gang finally arrived hours later teehee.. We had our lunch at GRAFA, SS15 Subang
Umar playing around, pic taken using Nokia Lumia 925 SmartCam app ♥

Lin was telling a sad story about her doctor's appointment and was on the verge of crying so I snapped this photo but she managed to snarl & smile at the same time. LOL!

Grafa's interior is very laid back, hipster-ish and has a cool down town feel to it. It used to be a fixie / cafe but now it's just more to cafe/resto with meals/recipes prepared by William of the old William SS2. Food is good but can be better, they don't have salads though for you green lovin' lads. Priced around RM15+. Portion may look intimidatingly huge but don't be afraid coz the large plate they used are actually convex or bulging upwards in the middle. That's a really good trick, aye? ;) The servers - well hmm they try to memorize orders and so it happens Naz was kinda irked about this because they didn't wrote down our orders. Lin tried to calm Naz down and said "Don't get mad unless if they do something wrong.." Ironically, they forgot to make Lin's order and after waiting for some time we ordered again and it was so funny seeing how Lin who wanted to be nice was the one yang 'kena'! LOL XD

What do you think? Should servers write down orders or we can just trust them with all our guts? Hehe..

GRAFA (fb)
No 55 SS15/4B, Subang Jaya, 47600 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
03-5611 7600

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