REVIEW: Power Bank for the Power Lady

Regardless what you do nowadays, your smartphone is part of your everyday essential and you definitely wouldn't have it accidentally left behind especially since you're kinda always on the go and whilst that - your fingers can't stop working the phone by reading emails (gossips & sales info!), sending off tweets about a shoe you just saw in the store, updating your facebook status about your busy life, instagrammin' your lunch and ofcourse to make that important call to hubby to remind him to pick up the laundry. All this must be done on the phone and let's face it, the juices runs out pretty quick especially with all those running applications.

I was blessed when one day I received this golden powerbank brick for my iPhone courtesy of Miss Reen. It's like God-sent! After using this powerbank for over two weeks, and barely having to recharge it I can positively say I can't live without it! Like seriously...

The only setback is it's heaviness but for me that's not a big issue coz a heavy duty battery is most probably supposed to be heavy. I can still carry this around in my small H&M clutch with my phone & purse. What differentiates this seller from other Pineng Powerbank sellers is that they offer a ONE YEAR WARRANTY whereby if the powerbank is faulty/broken somehow they will immediately replace with a new one on the very next day. These sellers are also offering the best lowest price as they also import their Pineng Powerbank directly from China so they hardly have shortage of stocks. Plus, as they have a shop in Johor Bahru which you can opt for cash on delivery mode. Berbalo-baloi beli kat depa!

To purchase, just contact the good people at FACEBOOK.COM/ORIPOWERBANK or
Go get 'em today!

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