WIWT: Purple Rain

Schanaz Scarf / H&M Floral Dress & Pants / The Calaman Jelly Wedges / @rippinrack clutch (insta-shop) / Guess watch

 Manage to capture these style shots a few weekends ago right before it rained. When it did, it poured. We didn't have anything else planned so we decided to visit Eyqa of Sugarscarf and her cute baby Airis Sofea. Sadly when we came it was already bed time for Airis so we only got to play with her for a few minutes before she wanted to lay down and dozed off like an angel. She's so cute!!
♥ ♥ ♥
I still have loads of pending blogposts, I do try to post daily but not on weekends coz it's time to go out yaw haha! I don't know how other bloggers do it with multiple posts per day, I'm seriously trying to catch up lol. HOW DO YOU DO IT LOH? >.<

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