Let's Go: TWINS OF FAITH 2012

The last time I went to a huge multinational Islamic convention was to Being Me Muslimah Convention in June 2012. It was really an eye-opener, heart warming and filled with knowledge to be shared. As is our body needs nutrition, so does the soul. So right now about a week from now there's another wonderful convention happening end of this month, what a great way to close year 2012 right?

There will be loads of international speakers for the convention, and I'm sure you will gain a lot from hearing their talks:

There are workshops opened up:

"Cubizm at Twins of Faith 2012: This year at Twins of Faith, we have world renowned graffiti artist and visionary artist Mohammed Aerosol Ali exclusively performing his art and we are excited to host two unique concepts exclusively in Malaysia.  He has travelled the world painting his murals in cities from New York to Sydney and has been globally recognized for pioneering his unique style of street, combining spiritual and Islamic themes and messages with the rawness of graffiti art. However at this year’s Twins of Faith, he will be bringing something totally fresh, with his recent exploration with the concept of ‘cubes’.  He brings two of his cubes to Twins of Faith for the first time. "

And all these will be happening on Saturday & Sunday 29 - 30 December 2012 from 8am - 10pm
Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC).
Get your tickets today and not miss this wonderful chance to absorb knowledge, experience creativity & evoke critical thinking. Tickets for ADULTS is RM200 & CHILDREN RM75 (for 6 - 12 years).

Last but not least, at the SISTER's CORNER where you'll get to do facials, massage, shop and enjoy with other sisters you can also join this lil segment:

Honestly I'm very much humbled to be able to become part of Twins of Faith this year and perhaps share my thoughts & what lil experience in life I have with whomever willing to listen alongside with my wonderful Scarflet sisters Aishah Amin, Sha Elaiza, Lyna Kamal, Farah Mislina & Farah Ilyana. In sha Allah we will help eachother be a better person along the way ♥

GET YOUR TICKETS TODAY & help spread the word!



  1. wow awasome ,,it world islamic event ,,

  2. i wish i'm in Malaysia but naaa.. :(
    btw,all the best to you! you gonna absorb everythinggg and share with us,aren't you?hehe

    1. awwww man! sad... I wish I can but probably gonna be busy at the Sister's Corner organizing our own side but will try :)

  3. what a good event! but I can go nowhere :(

    everybody please visit and follow I'll follow back :)


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