Yuna & Galaxy Wonderland

3 weeks ago at Shout Awards, Yuna performing live for her new song Lullaby with audiences holding on to balloons prior to her performance. Mesmerizing as ever, whimsical and magical.. She created a wonderland that inspires people through her lyrics & melody, and the video which won the Best Music Video award that night deserves every bit of recognition it gets especially because it was a collection of ideas & illustrations of Yuna's fan themselves through Samsung Galaxy Note.

Chatted with Yuna a bit before she was announced as the award winner, lovely as ever ♥

The award winning video Sparkle, made entirely on Samsung Galaxy Note! I love every single bit of the combination of real life & drawing illustration, so magical in every single sense! 

So once again Samsung has decided to collaborate with Yuna at the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note II to embark on a musical voyage brought to life by asking Yuna's fans & followers to paint and describe My Malaysia wonderland to their eyes. Check out the video:


Click on CREATE and you'll find a video message from Yuna herself :D

So what makes Malaysia special to you? Is it the culture? The many festivities, the music, the people? As for me, one of the best thing about Malaysia is definitely the food! Teh tarik, roti canai, nasi lemak, nasi daun pisang oh my just writing it down makes me drooling for some yummy Malaysian goodness. Alas, I'm not much of a skilled artist, perhaps you can do a better job at sketching your idea of what makes Malaysia a lovely special place for you?

Just like the Sparkle Project, Galaxy Wonderland stories & ideas will be combined to make Yuna's next song. How awesome is that? You could inspire Yuna just like how she inspires you. Boom! 

Not to forget, Yuna’s journey on GALAXY Wonderland will be featured in a series on Astro Ria, where she explores the stories submitted by Malaysians in finding inspiration for her song. Errr will my banana leaf rice sketch make the cut? I hope not hahahahah.. It's not easy to draw on my laptop, making me wanna own the Galaxy Note II so so much *mata berbintang2 cc to husband*

Check out other inspiring sketches and submit yours today! Oh by the way no worries, you can also submit pictures and just scribble some notes on it if you are not keen on drawing. Emmm, why didn't I do that? Uhuk2... *shame on me*


For more info and updates just visit

and oh last but not least a photo of me & my gorgeous inspiring ladies at the Shout Awards;
Fashionable details not to be left out:
Yuna's spiked dress & purple turban by Syomir Izwa & neon diamante dress & fuschia turban by Hatta Dolmat / My slip on turban by ECHENTA / Natasha Hudson wearing head to toe Azura Azwa

Now go draw your Malaysia Wonderland peeps!



  1. Masya'Allah isn't Yuna just such a stunning talent. Ami Alhamdullilah, you look really beautiful and well too :) I've been silently stalking your blog for a long long time now in Melbourne hehe.

    K xx

    PS. Love your nightingale!

    1. Aww alhamdulillah dear thank you so much I've been well infact gained some weight hehe. Thanks for checking up on me <3

      And Yuna is so inspiring yeah!

  2. yunna i love your voice ,you collaboration with samsung wow itsamazing

  3. i love yuna's songs, and her style is just amazing as always, and you looks amazing too :)


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