UPDATE: Leukaemia

It's been awhile since I last posted anything about my treatment on cancer. It's still on-going, I mean I still go on check-up regularly. 2 weeks ago I went for a check-up at Hospital Ampang, the same place I did chemo.  I love their services (although the nurses can be annoying at times hehe) but the doctors are pretty great. Two weeks ago was the date that my result for bone marrow came out and I was quite nervous really..

But yeah as always, I put on my best brave face, dressed up for a boost of confidence and held Naz's hand all the way.
I was wearing Duo Color Kimono from Sugarscarf / H&M pants / Club Mod bag / old pair of Vincci flats.

Someone said that purple is totally my color, I love that haha. If I'm not mistaken my birth stone is Amethyst so yeah it is purple. I guess I do wear purple (& green) quite a lot honestly). As usual during check-up at the Specialist Clinic / Klinik Pakar Hospital Ampang they took my blood pressure stats & body weight. To my amazement I gained probably like 3kg in the course of 2 months from 49kg to 52kg! No wonder someone actually commented that I look pregnant -____-" 

Anyways for that day I was lucky to meet Doctor Xavier, one of the senior oncologist. He explained that my bone marrow result shows no sign of cancer blast (although the morphological test is not out yet, another test they do). Alhamdulillah me & Naz was quite ecstatic! Doctor Xavier proceeded to tell us we're not allowed to conceive right now because with me taking the toxic chemo pills it wouldn't be the best vessel for a fetus to grow healthily in me. Honestly not that we're trying to get one right away, I've understood & accepted that condition way long ago but sometimes hearing or looking at close friends announcing their own does makes me feel sad. I hope I can quit taking chemo meds soon. But for now I'm really grateful that the cancer is under control / non visible, just please begone foreverrr!

As usual Doc Xavier told me to eat healthily and no half cooked meal etc. He also wanted me to double the dose of my chemo meds (Mercaptopurine 50mg) to 75mg per day, so I've been taking 2 pills / 1 pill alternately. He scheduled another check-up which was 2 days ago to see if it lowered my current white blood cells count to 2-3 from 4+, just to suppress the cancer regeneration. 

How many prints can you mash? Tribal scarf from SUGARSCARF / Zara pants & striped top / Zalora loafers / Aldo shopping bag.

Anyways this is what I wore two days ago to my first lone trip to the hospital since I got out about a year ago? Naz was so worried for me T_T. He had to work so yeah I'm going alone, it's no big deal really but would be nicer if I have someone with me anyways. So I went to check my blood again with liver & kidney check as well.  Disputed with the nurse about taking my blood for liver/kidney function check, she initially refuses to take extra urgh and then had both hands injected coz the first try was a failure, blood wont come out probably coz I was too stressed out. That has not happened since forever, my blood is usually pretty easy to be drawn. Blood work result was okay but my WBC still 4+, gotta really start taking my chemo meds seriously & not 'accidentally' forgot to take it at times. Although white blood cell counts 4 - 11 is normal but mine should be lower since I'm taking chemo pills to make it lower, right?

I've heard for awhile now that B17 pills are anti-cancer nutritions but the pure ones are super expensive and I just can't afford those, naturally u can take the source which is apricot seeds but you'd have to take about 21 seeds per day as opposed to 9 tablets. Just found out that @idayezid sells them too but probably at lower concentration since the pills are quite affordable at RM70 for 100pcs. My order of the pills just arrived today! Whilst the apricot seeds was given by my relative when I went back to Perak last weekend. It looks like almond but tasted nothing like it, super nasty bitter like a stink bomb bug :(( and after swallowing it whole today I was told I was suppose to suffer through the bitterness and bite the seeds............ Thanks guys T___T Okay some also said to crush the outer shell and eat the inside...  Need to do more googling on this!

. Alhamdulillah I'm doing okay, just need to be more diligent at taking supplements & meds. As I said to a friend before, it's not easy to be taking so many medications / supplements and be discipline at it. But honestly if I go a day without them, I can feel my body feeling a lil weak. Positive thinking is one thing but you can't deny your body nutritions in order for it to build up your immune system and most times these days you can't get it all through your daily meal.

But ofcourse nothing can be cured without Allah's blessings..
Thank you so much to everyone for the neverending support and for my fellow cancer fighters, keep on fighting! ♥

p/s: Me & Naz are planning an impromptu getaway next week to Langkawi, any suggestions & tips? :D

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  1. pernah rase biji aprikot tu

    kuatkan semangat ya

  2. Get well soon kak. Allah is with you :)

  3. although sy ckp ayat camne pn nk tenangkan hati sis, but yg hadapinya sis jgk so sis jgn putus asa dan terus kuat berusaha! be a killer of cancer and be hot fashion killer, not a victim k sis? love u, take care :)

  4. I think the main point of supplement is to get it in your system/blood so whether you taste the bitterness or swallow the whole thing doesn't really matter. You can try crush the seeds and mix it with fruit juice if you want.

    I hope you recover soon :)

  5. Alhamdullilah, I'm so glad to hear the good news. I'm a firm believer that medication + Iman works hand in hand. Cancer hits so close to home for me with my grandfather putting up a good fight for so many years and I can completely understand the number of pills that need to be taken on daily basis. I'm so happy for you Alhamdullilah that you too have a wonderful group of people around you to support you through this.

    You're looking wonderful as ever Masya'Allah.

    Enjoy your getaway!
    K xx

    Royal Fuchsia Kohl

  6. be strong KAK AMI!!! And keep fighting! Allah will always with you. :)

  7. InsyaAllah, you will be healthy and strong dear..:)

  8. salam kak Ami. i'm Ara. i knew you since you masuk and i've been a very motivated person since. i'm battling too, with SLE. i was diagnosed months after reading your story in the mag, and by that time, i belek-belek semula just to read your story. and thanks for giving me inspiration, to survive even though we are battling with chronic disease. im sorry only today i finally found your blog, and im happy that i'll have the chance to read most everything about you! yay! be strong, kakak. thanks for being so inspirational :)

  9. salam AMI..
    u r the stonger person i ever know, semoga dipermudahkan dan sentiasa dilindungi olehNYA..

    langkawi?? my trip 9-12hb ah sonoknye klo bleh dpt jumpa u :)

  10. Your story is poweful and has made my day with how strong you are! May Allah protect you always.


  11. salam ami, all the best okay, you're a strong lady!
    take care... *hugs*


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