Long Distance Relationship

Everytime Naz goes oversea for a business trip my heart would sank a lil, not that I'm not happy for him being able to travel. Ofcourse I'm sad that I don't get to tag along (there's always one or other reason why I can't - jobs/money etc). But the main reason is that Naz is one of those guys who despises using data overseas. I MEAN WHY BABY WHY?! *cries a niagara fall*

his happy shopping for travel items face while wife pasrah cannot follow T_T

It's been like this since even before we got married, the most intense time would've been when he went to Japan for 5 weeks and only came back a week before our wedding day! Only God knows how hard it is to organize a huge event like duh your own wedding and to make things worse the groom just had to go overseas till the very last minute and refuses to use DATA & ROAMING T______T

Alhamdulillah thank God you're blessed with a patient & loyal fiancĂ©e Mr. Muhammad Nazrul Hisham, or else? Jeng jeng jeng... What could've happen if something like this XPAX drama happened to us aye?

Now who's fault is it if you leave me for a week without any contact? Hmmm? Nasib baik takde prince charming seduce saya *cough cough*

I guess in any relationship the most important thing is:

and then comes


and if it involves long distance relationship ofcourse a
is a basic necessity. 

Probably Naz and I is a rare case (I hope not), people always say that during engagement period is your most vulnerable state whereby lots of challenges & seduction from every single thing will try to tear you apart *gasp!*. I'm just glad we made through it and now we're more than 2 years married and still very much in love *cough cough* (honey you better say you love me more okay?)

In any case, it's not easy to remain loyal and faithful and have that spark going on for such a long time. I think for that video above, that cute guy who went away to God knows where should've given a real diamond ring! LOL! Come on, a drawn on ring is cute and all but it also fades once she washes it off right?.. Kehkehkeh! Hahaha okay I'm just kidding and being super mean. Yes the gesture is great but dude do not leave your girl who looks like she has another boy bff feeling lonely and frustrated and all just coz you don't have data plan and not whatsapp or skype or call her! Making her feel lonely is the biggest mistake, I mean the least you could do is send an email, right??

Don't lose it all, get a DATA PLAN! T___T
After all, everything is on the internet now and it costs almost nothing at all. Just as long as you have data, relationships will go smooth sailing so dial *128# for CELCOM users to sign up for any pack to have it all.

Next time Naz goes oversea I will make sure I can sneak inside his luggage or secretly activate his data plan hihihihihihihihii.. Bee, I only do it coz I love you okay? (hope no one pukes blood nao)

What about you guys? Have any relationship stories to share? Tell me tell me! 
♥ ♥ ♥

p/s: can't wait to see the sequence episode of that video!



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    1. hahahahah nasib belum sampai tahap tera, lolz! ^_^

  2. hahahahaa! You're too cute!

    Alhamdullilah, i'm happy that you have a wonderful hubby and you both make it work. Men can be stubborn, what to do haha. You're right, trust is a big deal. Some people take it for granted. Has the hubs considered getting a local sim card wherever he is? Maybe data works out cheaper that way?

    K xx
    Royal Fuchsia Kohl

  3. Err data plan rate is MYR38.00/day.
    Imagine for a week I need to pay MYR266.00 (/7 days) for that.
    I can buy a bottle of perfume for you by NOT enabling my international data plan/roaming, you know.
    (Yes, I am stingy like that. Ha!)

    Considering the current price,
    I think only rich people can use international data roaming service for 5 weeks! *LOL*

    I'm not rich^^
    That's why I do not use data roaming.
    Instead, I utilize hotel internet in the night,
    and free wifi during the day.

    By doing this,
    after 5 weeks,
    when I came back,
    I bought a net-book for you.
    (yes I saved MYR1330)

    Dear XPAX,

    I am satisfied with your local data plan!
    On the other hand,
    please REDUCE the price for international data plan a lil bit?
    Just for the sake of poor people.
    Can ah? Please ... *LOL*

  4. I like to see you wearing glasses!
    anyways you two look really cute together :D

    i'm a mua and it will be nice if u check out my blog :)

    cheers from Indonesia xx


  5. hihihihi make sure u can sneak inside his luggage or secretly activate his data plan ..

  6. Long distance relationship can breakup easily. But when you understand the strategies, you will Destroy the Distance problems


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