REVIEW: ChicPop Bazaar @ MarketsMY

So I think it was last weekend that I decided to drop by ChicPop Bazaar after such a long time haven't been to one. Main attraction was the teaser photos from Tongue in Chic team of the freebies that they were giving away. Never have I ever went to a place for more self-centred reason than that! (o'rly ami?).

Posted this on my instagram and created a mini havoc where everybody was discussing "is it a typo?", "is it not a typo?", "why is it spelled that way?!", "is it really proenza?", "OMG YOU'RE SO LUCKY!". LOLOLOL hilarious! But it was partly my bad for posting it with a caption "got my Proenza!" :P

Anyways, planned to meet Emmy & Shuz there but Shuz bailed (BOOOOOOOOOOOO!) and God knows how many times I confidently whatsapp them prior to the event saying I'm resilient, I won't be buying anything just want the goodies or whatever. NOT! Bite my own tongue, like Bieber would say never say never.. But I mean really you guys, how can you resist these (click for more!):

LALALOOOOOOOOVE this! In my list to be owned soon. Only RM39 babeh! And those are some heavy metals, not the flimsy light-weight empty can ones y'know.

Took one home, also RM39. Got discount la ofcourse if you purchase more than one item, that's the beauty of flea markets & bazaar, you can haggle the price ;)

Aside from all the luxed up friendship bracelets that I'm loving lately, dainty bracelets has also won my heart ♥ But I didn't take any of them home coz damnson I would definitely be broke if I did coz pretty sure I can't stop!

Yummylicious vintage pins & brooches galore! I WISH I HAD BROUGHT HOME THE WHOLE LOT!

All these bling bling are from ♥ ♥ ♥ I asked whether they sell online, but unfortunately since their stock is pretty extensive selling online is a lot more tedious work compared to bringing these babies to bazaars. So, ofcourse the clever shopping instinct in me is to follow them on facebook and ask where they will open next. Checkkit:

Funky fab fab Emmy showing off her eclectic vintage brooch ♥


J'adore these funky handmade bracelets from KALLA, took one home only for less than RM15 ;)

Yummy rocks hand-made by the gorgeous Mas Angelina & fiancĂ© Zul, under the label ARARED. They also recently joined Fashion Valet family, congrats Mas!

With Mas, fierrrrce fashion photog THE Idan & Emmy ♥

Nurul (Wonder Wardrobe), Yana (Calaqisya) and Lin also opened up a booth to sell their stuffs. Ofcourse as good friends we drop by to show support right, right? Already I'm wearing Calaqisya's sleeveless maxi cardi & Calaman heels anyways :P Bought a tie dye inner neck from Lin only for RM15! SCORE ♥

Ahhh, really lovin' these typography posters I wish I can have the "Live your Dream" on my wall right now *hint hint* :P You can check out all of these and more from SSGRAPHYWORKS.

Real cow leather & fur bag, from India. *writes down in wishlist*


Real leather bro, don't play play uh. 

So ChifChaff just started their business, and their website & facebook is not ready yet but I really love what their bringing in all the way from India. Can't wait to see more from them ♥

With the adolable ANAABU. Who sold me this vintage tribal beaded belt for RM5! SQUEALS!

CRAZY! We dove in this pool of vintage scarves and some more at the back (nice one bro, thanks for letting me raid your stash!). Initial price 3 for RM10 but we got it at 4 piece for RM10. Sshhhhh don't tell him I let you in on the secret ;) Big bro can be contacted on facebook in case you want him to join your bazaar or somethin'.

Finally we went to Starbucks coz that's where we left Naz :P
Definite chemical romance happenin' when we accidentally color coordinated our outfit that day! ♥

After finally realizing that my the free tote bags (got another leopard Topshop one from Chicpop) too were both full, it dawned on me I'm one ruthless unstoppable shopaholic kitty T_T Felt awful for like a few seconds, hey all my buys were super cheap how can I feel bad right! XD Anyways, went to Fat Spoon Cafe afterwards for a super late lunch with Shuz. Emmy couldn't join coz she has daughterly duties so twas' just the two of us:
It's been awhile ♥

Had yummylicious Beef Macaroni Soup & Lychee Mint Ice Blended. Burp! 

Check out this cool dining place in UpTown Damansara, same row as Wondermilk Cafe. More info here.

All in all I had a really good time that day, whole day infact! Went to visit Naz's aunt in Kepong with the family and afterwards me & Naz had our dinner at Mustapha Jones. That's a food story for another day, maybe when we actually go there with Tina & Angah the Mustapha Jones official reps. LOL!

I have to conclude that last week's ChicPop was hands down the best I've ever been to. Probably trumps all the other bazaars I've participated. But then again, most usually I am working at my booth selling SHOP SPUTNIKSWEETHEART items so I was more serious on making money than spending. So good to have the role reversed for a change. Plus they have improved a lot! There was a whole row dedicated to food booths, a whole area for crafts & handmade items(check out SewFabby, Made by Rozi Rahman & Kindersoaps) and all the other clothing & accessories in another area. Very well planned and put together, the freebies are definitely a good marketing strategy too. Good job TiC! Good job MarketsMY! Keep up the good work ;)

Check out details of WHAT I WORE here!

p/s: Will probably do a video-log of my purchases at ChicPop soon, so stay tuned!


  1. Kak Ami, you shopping 24/7 keeeee =p

  2. Ya Allah, the Ladybird book buat I teringat my childhood. I wish I can have the collections for my daughter soon :p *dreaming much*

    1. Takpa, try la cari n kumpul for your future child :) it's a noble dream my dear..

  3. Ya Allah reading this post made me totally regret not going to the market!!! Arghhh geram tengok all those lovely bargains!! *Saves ka-chings for next market* Thanks for sharing!

  4. Damn.. wanted to go for ChicPOP so badly.. but couldnt :( Well, atleast I get to read updates on it! :) Great buys btw!

  5. I saw you choosing the vintage scarves cuz I was there too raiding the pool :-D

  6. lot of love...akak cantik..


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