WIWT: Marni x H&M + The Bag

Necklace gifted my dearest girlfriend Yani ♥

I had the fashion x charity drive done by Gin & Jacqie x UNHCR to attend to early that morning (but missed it coz of the damn train, will share more info about the drive soon). Having known Angelina Jolie is one of the celebs that works hard to make a change with the help of UN I felt pretty inspired to wear something that symbolizes ethnicity. Plus it's only appropriate that this Marni x H&M dress comes out to play on the day that I was given a sneak preview of the coming H&M Autumn collection  right?

Marrying Malaysian + Indonesian + international labels together. Jetcirclescarf in silk is one of Yuna's first design for her quaint shop, the first item I got when I came for a visit too ♥ This dark brown shirt from Mainland Heritage which is from a budding Indonesian label, gifted by dearest LanaStore to me. It's actually a long shirt with interesting hems but I wore it underneath my Marni x H&M  halter sleeveless dress to cover up my arms.

Armor ring RM10 from Charmsz, Paradigm Mall from a recent trip there with Sue Anna Joe ♥ Dark green ring from Diva. Leather strips bangle, from Naz's collection (hehe!) from the one we sold at The Shoplifters years ago. But ofcourse my signature calculator gold watch, exclusive item from Urban Retro.

Oh where oh where should I go? Got lost in Lot 10 scouring for the showroom, luckily we asked the information counter. Should've done that from the start. LOL!

Ehem yeah... Anyways shift your eyes to the tortoise print shades I'm wearing, recent acquisition from Asos. Inspired to get one after seeing fashion blogger Peony Lim wore hers (numerous times) and looking tres chic in it.

J'adore the long sash on the halter neck part! I feel like swinging & swaying just to see the movement of it ♥

Also the dress actually has a back slit, so instead of wearing a pair of leggings (like normally what other hijabi girls do, oh the HORROR!), I opted for a pair of polyester green pants. Scored at RM30 at KL Vintage Festival earlier this year. Favorite heels of the season, from Cala Man.

And yes, the debut of my Prada Saffiano, the Galleria model (as one luxury bag enthusiast has educated me). Brought home all the from the Prada Paris store and back into my arms by Yani who recently came back from backpacking in Europe. The exchange was done at a very mediocre Siamese restaurant near my house and honestly everyone was looking at the big box and white paperbag it was in, when we left the restaurant *gulps*. Hardly the best place to meet up and discuss (or rather show off) designer bags, girlfriends! I saved about 40% by buying from Paris compared to purchasing it locally. Rest assured, all the money used up for this are mine, saved bit by bit for years. Naz was spared the trouble.

The reason why Prada Saffiano is the current IT bag; Lea Seydoux wore it during the diamond exchange scene in Mission Impossible 4.

And has since been popping up all over the fashion scene, street-style, on arm of fashionistas & on models post-shows.

Initially wanted a red one as seen on Miranda Kerr above but they were sold out, thought of exchanging it with the local store but after a few wears I think the black bag suits me better, since I wear loads of colorful vibrant outfits the bag kinda ties it down. A perfect bag that completes any outfit ♥

So rest assured, I will be using this bag every single day to make it worth the bucks. Well, almost everyday lah! So how do you like it? Any monetary questions please direct it to my email address, thank you.

And don't forget to check out the H&M Autumn collection here and see me try on a few pieces!
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