EVENT: Azya Bazaar

I was suppose to join this event and open up a booth but I backed out because I don't think we have that many items in our stocks right now, plus we have friend's weddings to go to that weekend ♥ As soon as I arrive I went straight to my friends's booths: Ammara Hijabi, CalaQisya + Calaman, Old Blossom Box, RSC, Wonder Wardrobe, Emlynne.

With glowing Wwyda in green!

Sarah of Ammara Hijabi, holding their cape in tiffany ;)

But after a few snaps and chats, suddenly I was whisked away to the backstage coz apparently my help was needed! I felt like a WonderWomen, glad I wore a cape XD

Helped Jezmine styled this model's hijab. Tadaaaa! A turban scarf, like it? Love it? This girl has also modelled for my collection last year for a spread in ♥

With Lyna & Emlyn

With Auntie CalaQisya who insisted we took an instagram together. IN-STA-GRAM! No less! Did you know my instagram followers increased like 1k over the span of 2 weeks, been meeting with lotsa wonderful people from Indonesia & Brunei. Thanks to lovely mommy Suci Utami for the shoutout from Indonesia & for Naqiyah of ElJumana for taking in my Schanaz Scarves to Brunei. She bought the whole stock! Now you know where to go lovely Bruneians. I only left one for a friend who reserved it here hihi. Aaawwh feeling all the neighbourly love all around S.E Asia ♥

The models backstage. Had a mini girl crush on the girl with purple top & striped turban. So pwetty!

With all the girls! ♥ ♥ ♥

Backstage madness.

Bought the above vintage clutch home for RM45, 50% off it goes to charity. I tell that to Naz to calm him down. Doesn't really work actually.... 

Wan from CalaMan has gone cuckoooo XD

Cute cheeks contest! Haha!

Wan... I don't even -_-"

Super cool awesome Baby of Projekt-O

So the cat (me!) dragged home a tiffany cape from Ammara Hijabi & this vintage clutch to match! See me rock this cape in Juice Magazine next month ;) and I'll be wearing the clutch tonight to Rico Rinaldi SummerRaya fashion show ♥

Now are you regretting not coming to Ayza Bazaar? I know...
More pictures of the day { here! } and outfit details { here! }


  1. haha i was regret for not going to this super awesome event on the day i knew that im unable to attend..wahh npe de wedding kna attend time2 de event camni..mmg nanges! btw, all the pics are seriously incredible love the natural sunlight effect on it! =)))

  2. Kak Ami looks stunning. And those clutch, irresistible :D

  3. Hopefully I can meet you tomorrow at market deer :p will you b there! :D

    1. Oh esok says agak busy, insyaAllah ahad saya pegi :)

    2. oowwhhh xda jodoh nak jumpa ni :p

      been there yesterday..

      hopefully can make it next time :)


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