SNEAKPEEK: Visit to H&M Showroom (Autumn 2012)

Two days ago around 3pm - 4pm, me & Lin went to H&M Fall 2012 media preview. It's gonna open up at Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur in September 2012. Btw all the H&M items I posted are H&M Premium, basics are much much cheaper. List down your wishlist now fashion lovers. Seen here my partner in fashion crime, Lin and KL's PR Boy Amri Rahim.

Click below for pics of the collection!

The cat eye shades (around RM50) & chunky pearl drop necklace.

Chunky earrings & bracelets, as seen on favorite fashion blogger Andy from StyleScrapbook

Metal plate belt, now I can wear them with all my pants (unlike the one that is attached to my black pants here). Probably gonna get this when they open in September, dude RM50 je. And a set of ear studs.

Looooove this maroon jersey drape dress zomg!

Men's section!

Glittery oversized green sweater at the men's section, oh dont mind if I do! 

Planning to buy for le husband, yeah she's married. Sorry guys!

Men's silver glitter jeans, jealous of us girls having it at Zara past season? Dont be.

Leopard & neon splash dress!

Wool glove with leather lining & bow. Kawaiiiiii! Nak pakai drink tea kat Cameron! Lol.

Dolce & Gabbana-esque rose studs hairband ♥

Lalalaooooove this tribal-esque sweater!

J'adore!!!!! Gonna get this as a friend for my Moschino scenery print tee ♥

This one too! Around RM130 I think! 

Full sequin light sweater, around RM500 (!!!).

Nooice clutch, price unsure.

Enjoying her moment wearing the full sequin body harness, a must-have for fashion 'victims' like us, heh!

Lin wore it better! Gotta change & wear it with plain silk white shirt or a plain maxi dress, yum! 

Mommy will come get you soon honey ♥

Gradient texture to the way upppp!

Dark Green leather pumps, a tad feeling like it's St. Patrick's Day RM270. Lin's wishlist.

Holding up H&M press kit + door gift, Gin & Jacqie doorgift bag organizer, Suri & Lana paperbag, Proenza Shoulder tote bag and le Prada.

H&M mohair blend scarf, doorgift from yesterday's media preview + this green file filled with press kit.

Classy women + men's Autumn 2012 catalogue + press kit with cd inside + a bronze plain notebook. Love the presentation & design. Each notebook has different texture, well thought out. Bravo H&M.

Minimalist meets maximalist at its best!

Minimalist in terms of design but going all out on texture and details. I looooove this collection. And as I have said above, these are H&M Premium so the price is a tad bit pricey than usual but the quality is really good! It's not as pricey as ZARA & Topshop but the quality is even much better if not the same. I simply cannot wait to get my hands on quite a number of items above. Saving up till it opens in September 2012 ♥

Pictures can also be seen on my facebook { here! } and outfit details { here! }anyways I was wearing Marni x H&M dress ♥ Their video women's lookbook can be seen here in my past post and below is the video lookbook for men's collection:

Which item do you like the most? Are you going to queue up during the opening?
More photos { here! }


  1. Looks like a fun time! You girls look great as always. Love your style sense!

  2. Owh gosh I'm soo fricking excited!! now this is how a menswear should look like!


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