ART WITH HEART: a Refugee Art Project

Gin & Jacqie™ is not a new name in the bag-making industry, the line of bag was inspired by the avid traveller Jacqueline Ng who are always on the search of functional every day bags which are practical yet also stylish and does not cost a bomb! Having a keen interest in business, Jacqueline decided to quit her 9 to 5 job and to take the risk of setting up her own business.  As a girl on the go, she sought a laptop bag which she could carry around from day to night and not look out of style. Hence, with the start of laptop bags, a collection and a new upstart began. 

The core focus of the brand is well-made bags that are beautiful and appropriate be carried in any setting, be it the office, the mall or the resort, whatever your inclination.  The line focuses on classic shapes are complemented by an array of gorgeous fabrics and innovative detailing. Gin & Jacqie™ bags are made to be timeless and evergreen, to be as relevant today as they will be tomorrow. Materials and fabrics are selected to be durable, low on maintenance and wardrobe-friendly. 

The most honorable thing about Gin & Jacqie™ is that they also take time out from travelling & designing cool practical bags and participate in a charity drive every single year. So this year they have been working on with United Nations Refugee Agency Malaysia (UNHCR). Over the past couple of months, they've been visiting the refugee camp and noticing the amazing talents hidden within the borders of the walls, and they've grown very attached to the children in the camp, most of which are orphaned or have very little to boast but seemingly unfathomed by their situation. The families that call this camp their shared home have fled their countries due to unforeseen circumstances, and UNHCR gives them a sense of hope and home in the unknown.

To do their part in spreading the word about the Refugee camp, Gin & Jacqie™ threw an art contest for the children named Art with Heart: A Refugee Art Project, and provided the children with all the necessary materials including the theme "Happiness." Out of hundreds that painted from their hearts, they chose Mary, a 15 year old refugee child from Myanmar. Her piece was an ode to her mother, whom she lost recently. "I painted love," said Mary, "When my mother passed away, I was scared. But I know her love is always with me. And that makes me happy."

Gin & Jacqie™ printed her artwork onto canvas bags, and these bags will be available for purchase starting 20th June 2012  in conjunction with World Refugee Day when they launch it at Bangsar Village One. The bags will be available at and Cziplee (Bangsar) at the price of RM24. All proceed will go to the aid of education for the children, which includes basic needs, books, and stipends for teachers. “This is vital in helping refugee children have access to the best possible quality of learning while they are 
here in Malaysia.” said Yante Ismail, UNHCR spokesperson in Malaysia.

“Children are the future and their development affects all of us. “Art with Heart” is but a 
stepping stone to a bigger picture.” 

Gin & Jacqie™, a strong supporter of art and children’s education, conceptualised “Art With Heart”  to 
bring together youths, UNHCR and the public in a common cause in supporting refugee education. “Art With Heart” defines  Gin & Jacqie™ ’s undertaking in encouraging artistic talents of children, while 
creating awareness on the need for greater support for education,” said Jacqueline Ng, owner of ‘Gin 
& Jacqie’. 

To find out more about Gin & Jacqie™, follow these links below:

The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is mandated to safeguard the rights and well-being of refugees and 
asylum-seekers worldwide. UNHCR has been working to protect and assist refugees in Malaysia since 
1975. UNHCR seeks long term solutions for refugees including finding them new homes in third countries or 
helping them return home voluntarily when it is safe to do so. While they are seeking temporary 
protection in Malaysia, UNHCR works with partners to create a safe and secure environment for them 
where their basic needs are met. To find out more about UNHCR and their noble cause & activities, click the links below:
Malaysia, Help a Refugee Today: [ click! ]
Support a Refugee Project: [ click! ]
Volunteers Needed: [ click!
Donate [ click! ] or just help Spread The Word [ click! ]

Samuel Butler once quoted saying "People care more about being thought to have taste than about being thought either good, clever or amiable." Let's change that and be both tasteful & good, support this fashion & charity drive! Spread the word dear readers ♥

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