WIWT: Casual in Red

On a casual day out last week, well actually a family day whereby me & Naz brought his parents & our lil niece to visit Naz's grandma. My go-to casual outfit has almost always been stripes whenever I can, for me stripes always has that casual but dressy feel to it ♥

Paired it with this fun neon orange leopard print scarf I got from Rumah Mode, Bandung. Previously worn during the HIJABISTA mag launch in form of turban.

ARM PARTY? Possibly for a more casual day like this. Wore these friendship bracelets I got from my trip to Malacca, Minz necklace wrapped into a loose bracelet & Naz's Swatch which I gave to him for his birthday a few years ago ♥

Paired with this super large red sling bag from THISISCLUBMOD, they even have it in blue & brown! Love it coz it's super large, basically can fit my iPad, make-up bag, my GF1, two phones & purse. And the material is really good, unlike those cheap bags that you think would snag on second use. I feel like this one will be use for a loooong time.

Well ofcourse it's high time to bring out the brogues I bought from ZALORA using the voucher I got from their Tea Party. Matched with this blue eyes illustrated socks from TOPMAN, I think Naz got this for free but refuse to wear it :P

After the visit to Grandma's, accompanied lil sis & mother in law doing their shoe shopping and I got myself a purrdy shades. Love the shape! For me, since I kinda collect sunnies I don't really splurge much on a pair. This one was just RM20+. Bargain or whuttt?

So that's me on a casual day, I know it's only Thursday night but aren't you already counting hours for the weekend already?! Are you going to Markets @ Jaya One this Saturday? Seems like they're giving out lotsa freebies!

On another note, looks like my peeps over at Friendly Fashion community have been racking up their brains to create trendy outfits competing to win RM200 worth of outfit! Cayalah gals! Love the spirit ♥ My tips would be:
  1. Create a full outfit, complete with bottom and top. Add in a few accesories eg. scarf, necklace, bracelets anything that would match or pop on your outfit. 
  2. I used polyvore to make my outfit collage here, google on tips how to create interesting polyvores.
  3. Use backgrounds, printed backgrounds if your items are plain or colored & plain backgrounds if your items are printed. But do remember that white space is important as well. Don't fill up the canvas too much with clutters. Sometimes simple could be better. Take a cue from these top polyvore sets.

That's all the tips for now from your friendly neighborhood fashunn blogger. Oh btw if you're not keen on joining, help me judge by LIKING the best collage submissions ;)


  1. Hi Ami :) Love the blog! And hey, im a fashion blogger too!

    xx jasmine

  2. Yehuu..

    After seeing u and shea style the clubmod's bag, I feel confident to have one :D I love the large bag actually :)

    1. yeay!! glad to help you making your purchase decision :)

  3. Replies
    1. thanks, love it too. i just have to avoid yellow pants with this pair or else I'll look like Ronald McDonald :P


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