Hosp Trip & BTS for Buletin Utama TV3

Tie-dye scarf from Dian Pelangi, door gift from Hijabista Mag Launching event.
A super grainy iPhone shot of me in the car last Tuesday morning on the way to the hospital for my bone marrow aspiration procedure (extraction of bone marrow from the hip bone on the back of my waist using a needle I suppose). It's usually a painless procedure because I'm given pain killer before I'm put under. So basically I'm unconscious during the whole thing. Have done this probably 5-6 times before and alhamdulillah I wake up from all of it without pain, just a lil groggy. Blessed with capable doctors and nurses and God's willing to grace me with ease. Alhamdulillah...

After that I went straight to Old Blossom Box for a video shoot with TV3's Buletin Utama. We thought the whole concept was to feature The Scarflet girls but only a few of us can make it due to working hours, so it turned into a feature of modern muslimah styling, with Old Blossom Box's wardrobe. Was thrown into a position of model, along with Nurul. Nurul was a pro! I was probably super awkward most of the times -_-"

First we modeled the clothes that we came in, I was wearing Curty Top from Lana Store which I added the DIY Scalloped Edge Leather Hoodie the night before. Looked like I was about to zombie dance in the pic above..
Yana came in ZAWARA modern kurung coz she had a talk to give at UiTM earlier, so she posed as our stylist (more like Datin Yana Khairuddin pfftt)
'Models' with phones, tweeting instagramming.. Gen Y enough?
Super looooooooooove this top, I paired it with Uniqlo white turtleneck top which was on sale at RM12.90(!!!), Ina's Scarf ethnic print (a surprise gift Naz got me while in Bandung, love it to bits!), ZARA mint jeans (bought a size larger) anddddddddddd my fav minimalistic heels from Calaman ♥
Chunky heels makes walking in heightened shoe much much easier ♥ Wore them in black in the previous post.
Me looking like an awkward Hawaiian Galaxy Pirate, decked in Old Blossom Box from head to skirt.
Stylists in action.
Now stylist turned make-up artist, the versatile Datin Yana Khairuddin :P
In our 3rd outfit change
In the girliest outfit I've ever worn to date, Sweet Like Candy? Yes? No? Alright.. All from Old Blossom Box except for jeans and heels.
After we're done with the shoot, we went to visit Fira at the hospital. Poor girl had bacteria in her stomach/appendix and had to do surgery..
Get well soon baby girl!! ♥
Don't forget to catch us on TV3 this Saturday at 8:00pm! See me goofing around as the most stiff & awkward model you've ever seen :P


  1. wowieee..ami will be on TV3! <3

  2. I always have a certain fondness in your scarves. So pretty! And hope Fira has a speedy recovery! <3

    1. thank you so much Mira! I remember my first time trying to buy hijab and how confusing it gets but not anymore I guess ;)

  3. Hye babe! Can I know where to buy Yana's baju kurung? So sweet laaa ;)


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