BIRTHDAY: Chanel Kitty Surprise Party

So last week on Teacher's Day a.k.a 16th May was Kish's birthday, Niza had secretly planned to surprise her with a celebration dinner with all us girls. Me & Yani came out with Chanel Cats theme, as in black & white attire with hints of pearls, tweeds and anything Chanel-esque + kitty ears headband; mainly because we all know those two are what Kisho is most crazy about XD

While waiting for Kish & Niza to arrive ♥

Even Naz puts on the headband! But I think he looks more like a bear than a cat XD

Surprised kitty was surprised! Well actually she saw our kitty ears from outside & started laughing. LOL!
We made her put on long strands of pearl necklace, a bow-tie, a kitty filled KISH banner & a kitty ear furry headband ^_^. The most obedient birthday girl to date!

♥ ♥ ♥

Best place to celebrate yo birthday, TGIF. This one was at Alamanda, least crowded than most branches.

Two tier red velvet cake from Whisk, looks purrrdy eventho the top tier slided down ♥

Birthday kitty danced danced danced! On the chair! And sang a Taylor Swift number too!

Partay cats!

Pregnant kitty Adriani had to go home early. Pregnant kitty forgot to wearz chanel black un white, pregnant kitty haz pregnant brainz.


Prettay baby!

Earrings & jelly flats #chanel

Miu Miu-esque satin jacket (a second hand item bought from a friend), pearl necklace (gifted by Eyqa, from Fashion Valet), DIY leather clutch & Topshop paper bag to carry the party stuffs.

Sorry for the poor images quality. Main point was we all had a blast! And eventhough it has been a week since the party we still laugh looking at all the photos and details ^_^ BEST BDAY PARTAY EVA!


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