Quirk to the Kwerkee

If you previously have read about my entry on REEBONZ a long time ago, you might wanna stay and read more about what I'm gonna tell ya. REEBONZ has teamed up and created a new site, same concept (member's only discount site) but instead of luxury bags & shoes they bring you more of a home & lifestyle products. But not just ANY kind of products, each and every single item are eclectic and quirky in it's own way. Kinda like the stuffs that you don't get to see every day. And with this new site apptly named KWERKEE(read: quirky), they do the work of bringing these items to your screen for you to choose!

Check these babies out *drools*
Colorful watches to match your sombre or rainbow outfit, i've always wanted one but never had the chance to buy. If it was up to me I would probably choose these below, cool huh?

The design sponge in me has always wanted to decorate my house walls with artsy fartsy charts, painting and stuff but I never know where to get all these kind of stuff. Luckily KWERKEE was brought to my attention. 

And ofcourse pretty lil' China sets for my cooking & serving pleasure ♥

Check out this awesomely geeky pixelated frame, designed by DZIMITRY SAMAL. Definitely not something that you see everyday and surely sets you apart from all the regular four eyed peeps out there.

Here's to tote,swag it cool.Yeash that's not just a bag you are carrying.It's the persona you carry.

Wanna know where you can find all these COOL + QUIRKY stuffs? Only at! Here are more info on KWERKEE:

For more quirky niche goods that's not your usual next door stuffs, JOIN + LIKE + FOLLOW these amazing links below:

Being an avid daily visitor of Reebonz, and now Kwerkee too, I assure you you won't regret just signing up for their mail. Surely 10minutes of my daily life well spent on dreaming of owning them stuffs has only made me work harder. Sign up now!

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