WIWT: it's black, it's white

So yesterday I had a scheduled check-up with the oncologist, thought of dressing up a lil for the occasion coz I felt like it. 

Grunged up emo style influenced from my lovely times with The Shoplifters. Even this sweater was picked out by me and sold out back then. I always felt a lil naked wearing it now that I'm a hijabi, hence it rarely sees the light of day. But that morning instead of wearing the usual black or white tee inside I opted for a poppin' hot pink tee. It serves to be more of a visual appeal, however you see it. Probably not the public's choice.


So proud seeing my purrdy diy cap toe boots in action ♥

Not your average tie dye scarf, this one was gifted by Dian Pelangi during the opening of her Malaysian boutique. 

Anyways I have good news!
Blood test result from yesterday's check-up. It's normal! White blood cell (wbc) 4.8, Hemoglobin (hgb) 12.8, Platelet (plt) 151. Leukemia is a situation where you have abnormally high white blood cells count which eats away all the other working blood cells and fails to do its own job - defend body from infection/disease. When I was first admitted May 2010 I had 300+ wbc. Normal wbc is 4 - 11. Alhamdulillah after 4 cycles of chemo & 1 relapse, here I am. Gonna do a bone marrow aspiration next month to see further how I'm doing. If all is okay, I can come for check-up end of the year and probably start conceiving next year! Syukur syukur syukur alhamdulillah... Guys, take care of your health while you still have it. Eat healthily, don't stress out and LIVE YOUR LIFE!


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