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Samah Kabir:

Hi Ami,
Hope you are doing well. I've been following your blog for almost two years now. I am from Bangladesh but I am currently studying in the US. I also wear the hijab, which is why your blog has been such an inspiration. My best friend and I are going to KL this summer. I have visited many times before because my brother went to boarding school there. I know the main places to shop but I would love to know names of some cute boutiques and other places that you go shopping.

~ o ~

Salam Samah,

Sorry for the late reply, honestly I mostly shop at high street stores as well e.g Zara, MNG, Forever 21. But sometimes for cheap but purrdy shoes I like to go to Nose and Vincci (available at most major shopping malls). As for small boutiques, I'd recommend;

You might wanna drop by Jalan Telawi, Bangsar for some door to door boutique shopping
  1. Mimpi Kita
  2. Dian Pelangi store which is in the same lane as Mimpi Kita
  3. There are lots of stores around there, mostly at second floor so I think you may need a day to walk around because there are lots of options.
  4. Drop by Sri Nirwana for a dose of banana leaf rice, right behind Bangsar Village. You won't regret it.

In Shah Alam, you would probably need to drive there by yourself. GPS or google maps might be able to help :)
  1. Old Blossom Box Store
  2. Sugarscarf Store at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam
  3. Radiusite Store also at Seksyen 7 Shah Alam. Next to Sugarscarf, basically there are lots of modest clothing, hijab store in this area.
  4. Jakel Shah Alam if you wanna shop for fabrics, also at Seksyen 7 Shah Alam.

In Petaling Jaya, SS15, you would also need to drive to here:
  1. IAMJETFUELSHOP, store owned by my fav local singer/songwriter Yuna
  2. Buttons My Buttons, same row as IAMJETFUELSHOP
  3. Stellar basically holds a lot of local brands under one house.

Hmm I think that's all from the top of my hat. Hope you'll like the places I've recommended! Enjoy your summer holiday here :)



  1. info yang begitu nice...
    kalau saya ke KL bisa ke t4 itu juga,,,
    makasih kak ami

  2. Ami hai nice info..but the Gold Chilli restaurant ..herm pernah jakim datang then owner kedai tu cabut sticker halal halal dia diragui =_=

  3. wow! Usually I don't venture out of Bukit Bintang & Masjid India area..Maybe I should!

  4. definitely love those outfits. simple je

  5. additional.. for maxi dress.. :)

    1. yeah well.. wished thepoplook has a physical store for temp tourist to come buy :P


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