TRAVEL: Bandung Trip pt. 2

Tribal Scarf from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Tiger Sweater bought at Gede Bage, Bandung flea market a few years back | Skirt from Forever21 | Necklace from Mangga Dua, Jakarta

 Woke up to sunshine peeking through our white hotel curtains forcing us to go and enjoy the day. It was early, it was 6am and already it looked like the sun has been out for hours! Ofcourse I embraced that and took a warm shower, get ready for a day out in Bandung! Love our hotel room, it was quaint and welcoming. From my readings of the hotel prior to our reservation, Verona Hotel is a brand new hotel on top of a hill; a very small lane leading up to it (a lane famously known as Babakan Jeruk(?)) Anyways, the service was eh.. Okay, it was not amazing. They didn't restocked our toiletries after I threw out our shower cap nor did they gave us a second pair of slippers (well, should've asked really), no baby chair at the dining hall either and our friend had to change their room two times because the first one was smelly and the second one was pricier than what we've reserved so that had to change again. Other than that, I think the hotel was quite okay actually. Anyways, after feasting ourselves full at the dining hall we went straight to Pasar Baru. The actual plan was to make a tailored coat for pak Tam and maybe spend a few hours before heading to Jln Dago/SetiaBudi to check out some of the factory outlets. Turned out we spent the whole day there! And that was only at Level 1 - 3 (the fabric level), we didn't even lurked at the other levels at all except for Level 6 the foodcourt. After finalising our purchases, we went to Toko Tiga. It rained a bit, how cute is Baby Nia wearing my hooded parka! Adowable!! Didn't buy anything at Toko Tiga, there were mostly jeans/denim/shirts for men, and then we went to Jalan Riau, I mainly window shopped at Forever Carla, For Men, Summit, Heritage and Cascade. Nothing caught my eye that night, but now that I remembered there was a few crochet sweaters that I hesitated and now has regrets not buying -__-". Wartea ofcourse shopped for her baby, Heritage has loads of cute kids clothes IMHO. After that, we went to a Sundanese restaurant named Karamba and had delicious delicacies, I am soooo missing Bandung foods right now urgh.. Went back to hotel super tired and slept with the TV on. LOL..

p.s: these are not live reports, we went to Bandung last week (28/3 - 1/4) and the memory is still fresh and awesome which I just had to share!

p.p.s: Do you have POSE? It's like LookBook but much better! I LOVE POSE, add me here! If you use iPhone/iPad/Android, download the app and start posing y'all!


  1. Beauuuutiful photos Ami. I'm glad you guys had a good time xo

  2. nice pictures, Bandung always look so fun :)

  3. kapan-kapan jalan ke bandung-jakarta-bali yah kak'amie
    but butuh energi yg byak...
    kak'amie the sytle unik sgat

    bila someday jjlan kat KL nak jumpa scrafleft yeaayyyy

    1. mungkin next time boleh ke Bali pula, tapi khabarnya susah ya mau mencari makanan halal? tq sgt2! datang lah KL :D

  4. hey you,
    i love these picture oh soo much
    i live in bandung.
    seeing you enjoy my city is like..awesome.
    when you come to bandung again someday, i'd like to meet you, i'm a fans u know? :)

    1. awww thank you, i'm really glad u love the pictures i took of your city <3
      insyaAllah if I ever go to Indonesia again I will let my readers know ;)

  5. now i feel like going bandung!


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