EVENT: Topshop Midvalley Private Re-Opening

Picture taken from Tongue in Chic Style Snap corner, thanks for featuring me! ♥

I'm a lil bummed out that I accidentally deleted photos from my camera even before I got it transferred to the computer. I feel like going back in time and giving myself a good kick on the butt for doing so! Anyways gladfully Aishah who was my plus one took quite a handful of shots that night and was willing to share it with me. Ain't she the sweetest? I was invited to TOPSHOP Midvalley private re-opening to witness it's large and new display of store, the new collection and also this new PERSONAL SHOPPER service they are now offering. Y'know how you feel like you need someone to help you on shopping when you're just in a lil bit of style rut, that time when you feel you just want a no fuss makeover and for someone to pick out clothes that would look not just awesome on you but is also stylish and on trend at the same time? Here's where you are able to do so!

This service is available starting 11th April 2012 in Topshop Midvalley. 
To book an appointment with their Personal Shopping team email or telephone +603-2287 9319.
For further information please contact, Jessica Tan at email or
telephone +603-7726 9381 ext: 603

With Aishah and Jezmine.
Inside TOPSHOP super large fitting room area ♥
Love that Miu Miu-esque glitter heels, they also have that in pastel purple. Too bad I think most of them have pig skin lining :(
Love what she's holding and love what he's wearing! Both are Topshop Personal Stylist, Rachel is from Topshop UK and Denver is from Topshop Midvalley.

Ummm yummy fluorescent knitted sweater, possibly everyone's fav of that night ♥

In love with this studded ombre sweater tooo! Too bad it's too big even in size S!

Yep! Simple ombre sweater, brought that home thanks to the Topshop RM100 voucher I received ;)

Can never get enough of accessories! 

Free polaroid shot from Topshop that night. Love this ♥

Who knew even if all the shots are from Aishah's camera, we actually have very very similar taste! And that's why I adore her so much hehe. Thanks for being my guest that night and thanks to Gabriena for inviting me. I had so much fun and after sharing these photos with my instagram followers, I might come back to get one or two of the sweater above! Still undecided on which one though :P

Now watchu waiting for? Go to your nearest TOPSHOP store and start shop shop shopping!


  1. i love ur dress. colourful. :)

  2. beshnyeeeee. cantik dress kakak :)

    1. i think this might be my most fav maxi dress to date, and i dont wear maxi dress that much :D

  3. Subhan'Allah your dress is so amazing!!!

    XO Arezu

  4. kak' ami selalu modis bget...awesome
    eehh ada kak'aishah jga <3

  5. where's your dress from? amaaazin<3

    1. it's from Lawa-Lawa boutique, you can find them on facebook :)

  6. how much was the sweater? I've been looking for it forever

    1. which sweater? the one I got was RM150++ and I think the other two are around RM200-300

  7. the pink ombre studded one x
    btw i just went through your blog, love it your an inspiration.


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