DIY: Cap Toe Boots

Bought these booties from Charles & Keith prior to my NZ trip and wore it like once post trip? Y'know that kind of feeling you get when a piece of clothing no longer inspires you and you feel guilty for not wearing it more often, it takes up space and makes you want to sell it so that you can buy more stuffs but you don't want to coz you still love that piece and in the end it only stays where it is collecting dust. Y'know?

Well I'm determined to diminish that thought by giving it a face lift. I'm liking lots of the cap toe Chanel-esque DIY vibe going on the blogosphere that I decided to join in the bandwagon! Plus, I really love the sophisticated feel of a cap toe shoe, cue pictures;
image: 1. ZARA via j'adorefashion, 2. BALMAIN via pinterest, 3. unknown via thesartorialist 4. DRIES VAN NOTEN via leeoliveira, 5. REBECCA MINKOFF via songofstyle

The process:
All I used is just black nail polish, clear protective nail polish and a cello-tape for measurement.
1. Clean up the dust on the boots
2. Cut and place a piece of tape around the toe of boots.
3. Apply first coating of black nail polish and let it dry for about 10 mins or so.
4. Apply second coating and let it dry.
5. Apply the clear nail polish for extra protection & finishing.
6. Let them dry before peeling back the tape to reveal a brand new look for the boots!

Super easy! I'm inspired to DIY more stuffs soon, perhaps metal cap toe pumps ala Louis Vuitton Spring 2012, neon cap toe, pastel cap toe, glitter maybe? The possibilities are endless! And I can't wait to rock my new boots ♥


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  2. Your idea is just like Chriselle Lim's idea! She did the same idea on Youtube. :)

  3. Yeah, I follow her blog and youtube as well! Not exactly an original idea like I said it's been going around the fashion blogosphere for sometime now :) I'm just so I actually take the action to join in the DIY bandwagon. Hope it doesnt stop here though! Haha

  4. I love your style! Check this out!


  5. hehe nice! btw, saya ada kasut flat cap toe macam tu time umur 3 tahun ;) haha!

    1. saya pun ada flats camni! tapi dah buruk sangat and tak boleh dibaiki sad :(


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