preloved SHOES for sale

Spot on trend Candy Colorblock Heels for sale. Uber comfortable & light, comfy at 4.5" heels with 1" platform. Worn a few times. 

Glamazon ready studded gladiator heels bought at Nine West around RM400. Sturdy wooden heels, height at 4.5" with 0.5" platform. Size is similar to Vincci. Worn 2/3 times.

Chic boots made of high quality felt suede, with scallop fringes. Zipper on the back with flap protector for your skin. Fully padded insole, uber comfortable. High quality wooden sole. Height of heels 4.5". Sizes similar to local shoe shop, Vincci. Worn once. SOLD!

It's that time again for me to clean up my closet and start selling items that I no longer wear or haven't even worn. Makes me sad seeing them in there when I don't want to wear them and I'm pretty sure they will look good on other people's feet too! So if you are a normal Size 6 like me and are interested with these babies, just leave your comment or email me

Other than that, if you are running a business or anything similar and in need of traffic to your shop/site perhaps you would like to consider placing your ads on my blog. This blog has been featured in numerous online & prints publication including locally published Jelita, InTrend, TV-AlHijrah, Saffiya TV9, The Star iPad version and also international publications Velvet Mag from Dubai, Cracker Your Wardrobe from Korea and so on. You can read all about it here. Perhaps we can work together! ;)


  1. Comelnya kaki Ami. Kaki besar ni tak muat. Wuwuwuu cantik Nani West tu :D

    1. hehe takde la comel sangat :P thanks! bagitau la kat kawan2 manetau depa size 6 jugak keee


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