WIWT: Dusty Leukemia

Wore this to my second monthly check-up with my oncologist at Hospital Ampang on Friday last week 25th February 2011.
WHAT I WORE: ruffled silk jumpsuit from Topshop | Schanaz Silk Scarf in dusty purple, exclusively made. Love how it's not hot at all wearing it! (unless if you stand in the sun like me lol)| soft pink bow jacket from Shop SputnikSweetheart | pointed flats from Studio bought for RM20 | Rayban glasses, wayfarer style |

So, some of you may have read my tweets & facebook status on the day itself. I went for my second appointment with the oncologist, anticipating the moment when he reveals my molecular bone marrow result. And ALHAMDULILLAH, it looks like the bad protein (read my first check-up to find out more) in my body has decreased. I can not express how freaking lucky I feel, and of course how thankful I am to our Creator for giving me this chance, Allah Most Merciful and Most Generous. The bad protein is not gone totally but it has decreased from 0.3xxx to 0.2xxx which is good news to me anyways! And I am feeling well despite that my white blood cell is lower than normal, well that's better than having it 300 times higher like my first diagnosis! Haha.. I am grateful for all the supports & du'a from my parents, husband, family & friends and to all the strangers that pass by my life that took a moment to say good things to me & make me feel positive about myself and give me some support. You guys are awesome ♥

However, the doctor told us to use contraception up to atleast two years from my last chemo which is until November 2012 or atleast 2013 to be safe. It's for the sake of the baby, due to the strong chemo drugs that I have had in my body we need to wait awhile for any Ami Jr. or Naz Jr. It's okay I guess, although we'll both be old by then but for the sake of having a healthy bouncy baby it's best if we wait.

Anyways on my next check-up I'm going to have to do a bone marrow aspiration, click here for some video example of BMA. I've only done BMA in the ward and so far I don't feel a thing coz they induced me to sleep first before they do the procedure. And then all I know is that I'm back on my bed sleeping it off. I do have to lie on my back for 2-4 hours to suppress the blood from coming out, they patch me up good ofcourse. I hope it's gonna be just as painless next time. I have to do BMA coz only through my bone marrow they will know in-depth result and status of my leukemia.

And so far the doctors has been kind enough to provide me with medical leave so that I can rest at home, I can imagine going to work and coming in at 6am for shifts and coming back late at night sometimes; stressful & condensed work area. Sigh, don't think that'll be good for me, at least not now...

In conclusion, everything is okay so far :)) Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah...
After my appointment with the doctor we went to Midvalley to get some stuff, bumped into a Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful campaign anddddd got sucked into doing a free makeover! Shall blog more about that in the next post :) ENTRY HERE!

And here's something I found from Kcancer website, just to share with you guys;
Cancer - A Gift from God

God, the king of universe, is in control of all that happens to us, both good and bad. Cancer is designed by God and is a gift from God. Since God is infinitely wise, it is right to call the cancer design with purpose. God creates a human being with 10 trillion cells, from which 600,000 cells are selected to become cancer cells every day, and only few of the 600,000 cancer cells further develop into cancer. The complexities of cancer are beyond human being’s comprehension. However, God foresees molecular developments leading to cancer, he can turn on or off at his will. If he chose not to turn it off, he does have a purpose.

Being diagnosed with cancer can be the best thing that has ever happened to us, since cancer actually save our life. Having cancer is a life changing experience that will grant us eternal life. We learn how to surpass death. We are about to be put on a journey that is full of love, peace and understanding beyond our comprehension. We will receive an abundance of wisdom and knowledge from God.

Love is always God’s highest purpose. Cancer let us to learn his finest and most joyous lessons as we find small ways to express concern for others even when we are most weak. A great, life-threatening weakness can prove amazingly freeing. Cancer guides us to love each other deeply. Cancer creates a sincerely affectionate and caring heart for people.

We are terrified of facing death. We are obsessed with medicine and idolized youth, health and energy. We try to hide any signs of weakness or imperfection. Cancer brings huge blessing to us by living openly, believingly and lovingly within our weaknesses. We will all die. We may get a heart of wisdom, if we are required to number our days. Numbering our days means thinking about how few there are and that they will end. Illness can sharpen our awareness of how thoroughly God has already and always been at work in every detail of our life.

Cancer is designed to destroy the appetite for sin. Pride, greed, lust, hatred, unforgiveness, impatience, laziness, procrastination — all these are the adversaries that cancer is meant to attack. God uses different individuals, from all walks of life to guide his lost sheep back to the universal order. There are no specific qualifications needed when the God chooses one to be a voice for all who suffer in the darkness of this world full of light. God chooses you to go with Him with a purpose. He wants you to make impossible thing possible. He wants you to make miracle. If He wants you to leave the earth, He does have much more important assignment for you somewhere else.




  1. hi ami. :) i used to have a health problem as well so when i got married in 2008, the doc advised me not to conceive for at least 1-2 yrs. tapi kuasa Allah, 6 months lepas kahwin, i gt pregnant(dani).n alhamdulillah, during the pregnancy everything went well and now i dah ade 2 kids n my health cudnt be better.i nvr relapse(tho dr told me just to be extra careful. one thing for sure, Allah will help those who help themselves n He listens to our prayers. just b positive.(no doubt that u r!)and knowing u(thru ur blog)u r really strong! take care. :)

  2. huggggsss!!

    ur truly an inspiration ami! if i were in your shoes, i wouldn't think i even have the courage anymore to even smile! but you, look at wonder your body loves you! :D

    May the future posts you write, brings us better and better news regarding the cancer u've been going through..amin!

  3. I'm glad you're doing so well!
    I truly admire your strength, you're definitely one in a million :)

    eclectic du jour

  4. u r beautiful the way u are.admire u. even me yg x sakit ni,sumtimes feel down and give up easily.but look at defeat me..pray for u.

    cliche but still wanna say strong (:

  5. @rinie, didnt know u were sick! u look healthy and your boys are handsome :) lucky you. I think the doctor is advicing me not to have babies right now because the chemo drugs in my body might affect the baby so we'll have to wait until atleast it's probable safe :)

    @wiwie, what else can i be? :p

    @pastelina, awww thanks korang!! korang macam umm macam best sangat macam sayang gila umm kat korang. macam gila2 lah. hehe.. harap2 lah next posts about cancer will be more wonderful, amin....

    @dotie :')

    @bel cloud, it's hard to stay positive. but we do have a choice in life and being positive is how i want to lead my life <3

  6. ami. :) it's a kidney prob. but i didnt share it in my blog. i once wrote it in my pvt blog. i dunno why would i want to keep it among me n close friends je. but now i just couldnt care anymore. heh. yeah. the doc advised me to wait due to the drugs as well. he was afraid that the drugs might affect the baby. i assume that u may be familiar with prednisolone?that was my drugs.hehe. but now not anymore. insyaAllah sampai bile2. i pray all the best for u. :)

  7. @rinie, thank you dear :))) *hugs*

  8. Sebak n terharu baca ur post this time.I pray that you get healthy soonest possible and able to build and complete your family someday insya allah :)

    Hang in there and be strong, and as usual Allah always work in mysterious ways.Perhaps there is a beautiful future for you and your husband after this ordeal. Take care.

  9. salam....hi sis ami.. ^^

    hemmm nothing i can say despite Alhamdulillah for the good news and wish u get healthier day by day...amin..

    kak u r really a strong woman...keep it up k!!

  10. I dont know if you've heard about this, apparently theres a cure for cancer which is actually vitamins but the united states banned those vitamins because with it all the doctors n all would lose their job and people dont have to go to chemotherapy.try google on that k! :))
    and yes it has been proven,people with cancer yang mmg teruk sgt dgn ketumbuhan semua tu took those vitamins n sembuh.. insyallah

  11. salam alayk...
    dear ami...
    u r sooooo lucky coz Allah sayang kamu dgn sgt byk...stp ujian Allah adalah tnda syg pd hamba2Nya...i noe u r strong n will b stronger when u refer to Allah n mohon kesembuhan drNya coz Dialah Yang Maha Menyembuh...kita usaha tru sains n usaha juga melalui ayat2 al-Quran...thers 1 ustaz in Tmn Koperasi Polis, Ust Basharuddin...perubatan alternatif menggunakan ayat al-Quran, insya Allah, setakat ni, tiada sbrg pemesongan dlm perubatan coz mmg totally melalui ayat2 al-Quran n byk penyakit2 yg srius xspcially cancer dpt disembuhkan...insya Allah...if u wnna try, i blh bg cntct num...ikhtiar la...insyaAllah, mg Allah bantu n pmdhkan kesembuhan utk u...take care dear!

  12. Subhanallah,
    semoga Allah memberikan rahmah dan kesihatan buat Ami..

    I surf your blog sometime, but i didnt notice that u are battling with cancer..

    Im currently work with institution yang berhasrat untuk menjadi penanda awal kanser.. Doakan kami berjaya supaya akan dtg kita boleh cancer seawal mungkin..


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