Vintage Stellar Bazaar

Overdue post from 12th March 2011;
What I Wore: Schanaz Scarf in Royal Purple & Neon Peach | Vintage top from Old Blossom Box | Peach pants from online blogshop | Miu Miu wannabe pumps, just bought this a few weeks ago. Loving it ♥

STELLAR Boutique,
B10-06 , Level 10 Empire Shopping Gallery,SOHO Subang, Jalan SS16/1
Mon - Fri: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Sat - Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Stellar. The boutique studio. + art space + petit boutique + studio any orders or further info.. Just email us at

Me & Hana T, miss you girl ♥ Can't wait to see you rockin' your Schanaz Scarves!

With Iylia, ex-colleague/housemate/roommate. She won the RM100 Stellar voucher for best look of the day voted on facebook :)

With mon petite Farah | The eternally chic Mas Angelina, bought off two vintage pants from her. You shall see one of it in the future entry ;)

With vintage rockstar, Nab; bought off one vintage pants from her hihi | Love the illustrated frame on Stellar's wall.

Accidentally left my moleskine at Stellar and came back after dinner to get it. End up lounging there till the wee hours. Hope I wasn't interrupting your space Bono!
Bono, lecturer + Stellar owner.

Lovely art decos.

Zooey Deschanel & Florence also known as Black & my husband, Naz. XD

NOTE: Last week Bono had met an unfortunate accident which left her car at total lost, burnt up in flames including her pink Pentax & phone if I'm not mistaken. Luckily Bono was able to get out of the car and ran away to save her life before the engine exploded. If you want to help Bono get back on her feet, please buy her stuffs at Stellar Boutique, (their products are super cool! I've bought two chunky necklaces & ring from Stellar) OR go LIKE Stellar's page and leave nice notes. Life is so short, we never know when it will be taken away from us. That's quite a reminder for me and for us all ♥

There's part II of this day which I went to Yuna's shop with my scarflet sisters, shall update that in the next entry :)



  1. Ami, sister this beautiful! How do you wear your scarf/hijab so loosely? And what is the material you use for your scarf?


  2. @rabia, i tie it up and pin it in place using just one brooch. my schanaz scarf is made of satin silk :)

  3. sis ami.husband u follow je mana u pegi hehe kesian.tapi sweet!ey u senyum nam[pak gigi laa.auuwwww cantik! :)

  4. Ami, your pants look fabulous and versatile!! Prettyyyyy :)))))

  5. @sherah, well dia lah driver! kalau tak i tak kemana lah jawabnya hehe. tapi masa stellar dia tak join, lepak with his friend who lives near empire.

    @petite cherie, thank you so much love! <3


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