Please be warned, possible spoilers ahead. If you've bought the tickets or planning to watch LAT and do not like spoilers; please refrain from reading this page until after you've watched the show.

WHAT I WORE: Schanaz Scarf in Nude Beige | Inner turban in Sky Blue from Old Blossom Box | Tea & Sympathy satin top, preloved from Nana | Vintage 70's skirt from my mom | Charles & Keith braided clutch | Emerald green ring from The Curve, RM10!

With Leonard & Bryan, the people behind The Influencer Agency who invited me, Maria Elena & Aimie Bahirah to watch LAT The Musical on Preview Night (15th March 2011).

DATUK LAT! (gasp!)
...tapi mahu :P

My pretty girls goofing around before the show started.

A piece of caricature by Lat;
Then let the show commence! I was super excited because this was my first time watching a theatre. I just spoke to Hana the other week about this and how I should do it and Alhamdulillah God heard me and sent Bryan my way! Haha hellooooo ♥

This is a story about Lat (adult Lat played by Awie), from his early childhood, how he first started exposing his interest in drawing; to his adult years; on his first job & about the love of his life (played by Atilia) and how he became famous & so on. It was very inspiring to see someone who came from a small village and went on living his life through his passion and into being a world known famous cartoonist. All hail IPOH-rians! Haha, pssst I'm from the neighboring town. Love hearing all the accents & slangs from the familiar Perak side in the show, made me miss my hometown ♥

And not to forget, the set & songs are UH-MAZING! Can I get a hell yeah?! I'm a noobie by the way, therefore I was in complete awe of the interchanging sets haha. And the dance moves! Ooh lala, will always love the vintage old times. The first song that struck the cord of my heart was the DWYL, LWYD which means Do What You Love, Love What You Do. Can not be more true :")

Don't know why I find this costume & pose to be so funny! XD

Congratulations to Hans Isaac, Harith Iskandar and the whole cast & crew of LAT The Musical! It was a magical show indeed and I think you guys should really go watch it :)

Apart from that;
  • The show was a tad long? or maybe it was just me, see being a noobie I have no idea how long a musical show usually is and I was probably already really tired that I did doze off a few seconds. Eeek don't smack me! *runs & hide* And it did started a lil late than scheduled... so, yeah!
  • No eating inside the theater kids! Not even sweets or popcorns or laksa Penang.
  • No photos is allowed to be taken once the show has started, we were already given permission hence jangan tiru macam saya ;)
  • It gets chilly after awhile so bring a pashmina or wrap to cover up, no MAS selimut please.
  • There will be a 15 minutes intermission where you get to go to the toilet or buy food they're selling in the concourse area. It's a lil pricey so if you don't want to, eat just enough before the show. Not too much until you'll doze off lah.
I also got to meet some awesome new bloggers;
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Follow LAT The Musical, the show will go on until 5th April 2011 so get everyone to go and watch it at Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur. Tickets are priced between RM30 and RM230. For more details, call 03-4147 8600 or browse



  1. Didn't i tell you theatre is great!!! See how blessed are you young lady...hehe kiss muahh

  2. @hana, why u so fast one! haha kiss kiss muah <3

  3. Lovely!


  4. i cepat2 scroll down sbb tanak spoilers. bought the tix for next week show. beshnya amik gambar dgn Datuk Lat.

  5. Ami, I making a Muslimah blog directory. I was wondering if you wanted to submit your blog. If you do, can u e mail me at

    Anyone else who is a Muslimah and has a blog/website you can submit as well.

    thank you

  6. @emmy hehe mesti u suka, it's mostly funneh!

  7. kak ami , last 2nyte , I was dream meet u !OMJAYYY..
    dlm mimpi 2 , I truly speechless to say hi to you..and you so gorgeous in my dream. *menyesal tak say 'hi' to you kak ami..


    Hi kak ami.. *at least

  8. Looked like so much fun! I'm a big fan of Lat cartoons. Wish I could've been there *sigh*

  9. I always purchase Lat comics at the airport as an inflight read :)) It makes me feel proud of being a Malaysian!! You girls look ultra fabulous.

  10. Not Fair I didn't get a picture with Datuk LAT! U mmg blogger happening!

  11. my oh my! nak tengok jugak malangnya sekarang dekat matriks and kitorang tak dapat nak outing because of the final exam. serious sedih! :'(


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