FEATURED: Local & International Media

Alhamdulillah for the past few months I have been featured in a few locals & international media. I haven't gotten any time to do a dedicated post on each one of them so I'm just gonna mash it up all together :)

Alexa Chung holding Cracker Your Wardrobe magazine March issue, in which I am featured in.
Featured in Cracker Your Wardrobe March 2011, Korean fashion magazine which is widely known in Europe & ofcourse Korea.
These were taken by Nicholas of Garbagelapsap during the last Chic Pop 6, and coincidentally he's working for a project with an international Korean fashion magazine and my style shot was selected among others. What's more important is that, the Koreans are interested with Malaysian street style, including us ladies with hijab on. I'm truly proud to see that even though we covered our hair, and most parts of our body accordingly we can still be fashionable, and getting recognition on that is liberating. Hijab most certainly does not prohibits us to express ourself stylishly as long as it's within the boundaries in Islam, aurat. Other than that it's also nice to see familiar faces being featured along side myself, above me is Hui Jing (loving her floppy hat and cheeky smile. Next to me is Ana Abu Samah, this vintage chic girl I have a lil style crush on ^_^, and Adriani in her Forever 21 mustard pants (we were wearing the same Finks inspired boots that day, I think that caught Nicholas attention hehe)

{ Details of what I wore: CHLOE-esque }

Featured in EH! March 2011 Street Style section;
This was during Old Blossom Box Preloved Party in January 2011, I was only there to give my support to my dear friends who held & joined the event. Was still experimenting and finding my ways with the hijab, tried on the lace sneek peek on the forehead. I think most of the items I wore were below RM50 each, the furry bag is RM35 and the wonderful heels I bought from Adriani were only RM15 which was bought at the Preloved sale itself. Therefore I have to agree with the quote above, loosely translated;

Fashion is expensive but style is not. It all depends on your own creativity. And this shines through your personality if you know how to mix & match.

{ Details of what I wore at Old Blossom Box February Preloved Party in January 2011 } March 2011 issue, a local magazine targeting young hijabi ladies.
This time, my lil shop albeit is not yet launched sponsored the wardrobe for Gaya Tudung / Hijab Style section. Hijab was sponsored by Sugarscarf and the model is Eyqa's baby sister, Mira.
Had so much fun at the shoot, my first time at Karangkraf and I get to meet Kak Fat who was the Editor of She came by to chat with Eyqa, naturally as a regular customer of Sugarscarf she was asking for tips & tricks. Anyways all the clothes will be sold at Shop SputnikSweetheart, insyaAllah will be launched in April. I know we kept on delaying but blimey me for exposing this virtual shop so much so early on that somehow me & husband became more busy and have little time to spend on getting it finished. We're trying to get it launched early April, which means numerous work on my side because I will have to do all the text and photo editing. I love my job, I love my job.
" It's fun to work for your own company. You are your own boss. Yes but u are also the officeboy, despatch, tea lady and janitor". - Obefiend
The hijab tutorial up above is a combination of ideas between me, Eyqa & Mira. If you can't see the photos clearly and can't get your hands on the magazine, perhaps I will recreate the tutorial soon :)

Talking about job, looks like my salary at Sony has been cut off to a certain amount which looks like almost 1/3 of what I am normally receiving. I knew this day would come, because we have already discussed about this during my first few months in the hospital. Sony has been so nice to me, and my 6 months of full salary without going to work has ended. For your information, I was diagnosed with Acute Myleoid Leukemia, May last year and ever-since then I haven't step in to work due to my medical condition. The management has been more than accommodating, as long as I provide my medical leave certificate (MC) from the doctor and my doctors could not have been any nicer. And as discussed, I get 6 months full salary and the next 6 months insyaAllah half or even less. After that, it will be up to the management's discretion whether or not I should still stay. Before that time ends, I am working hard on my business so that I can still pay my fixed bills & more - rent, house loan, car etc. And I need to match my business salary with my salary as a senior engineer at Sony. Whether or not I will be able to do so, we will have to see. I am restless, tired & nervous but this is the challenge I have to go through. I really don't want to burden my husband and family. I am still alive and if not fully healthy, I can still breathe, I still have my two hands & feet to work and will do so as long as I can.

Argh! Suddenly this becomes an emo rant post! So sorry XD
Had so much fun at Old Blossom Box Preloved Party (March) last weekend, although I came unprepared bearing only a bag of clothes - which is apparently too few! But I'm alright and happy to meet my readers and spending time with my friends. View the photos { here }

{ Previously featured in; }



  1. AAAA!!!! This is sooo exciting!! =D Congrats Ami babyyy <3 Go and buy heaps of copies: save one for me and frame one heheh!

  2. dulu selalu juga baca dara for the tutorials. tapi stop sebab asek repeat the same thing over and over again. good thing kak ami join this shoot. something refreshing especially for those yang tak boleh nak view video tutorials sebab kelajuan internet tak mengizinkan :)

  3. Amazing!!!!! Congrats babe. The feature on Eh! was particularly lovely. Love everything you wore!! From the pastel shawl to the pants to the bags. LOVELY!!

  4. sgt tabah.inspire me!
    all d best in ur biz ami!

  5. saw at obb,really want to say hi,,but malu sgt haha

  6. Nice blog.. tak bosan baca blog u. Keep it up dear!!!! Hilang jgk bosan i...heeee =)

  7. wahh,sis ami!

  8. hi kak..congrates on those features..n im always pray 4 ur health..stay strong k..nice meeting u again! ^^

  9. wish you all the best and keep up the good work. always praying for your healthiness and happiness.

  10. made my cry reading the last paragraph. You are such a strong woman, I'm sure you've heard that countless of times...You inspire me so much, do you know that?

    I love you already :)

  11. Hi Ami,
    You might not know me, but I'm one of your silent readers. Been catch up with ya' blog quiet sometimes and I do agree, hijab can be fashionable as long as it didn't across the border.. Anyway, I wish you all the best and you're one of the million cancer survivor who should be example to the rest the world who doesn't know how to appreciate life.. Insyallah, things will get better, just don't losing hope okay :)


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