Maysaa&Bloggers Tea Party { VIDEO No. 2 }

Captured images by me;
Going up Rumah Tanjung, eagerly & nervously ♥
List of the blogger girls who were invited ♥
Signing up the Guestbook & saying Hellos.
Tasty food. yum! yum! yum!
Presents! ♥
Hungry people & cakes!
People hiding at the back.
Pretty girls & animals ♥
Shea & Jezmine's birthday gift from Hana T.
Games; we are famous people!

You've probably seen this in Hana's STYLECOVERED. But here it is anyways, I still want to blog it to commemorate it in my own online journal. I'm so happy that Hana decides to release the videos bit by bit, it's like delaying your honeymoon plan to a later future date after the wedding, it's like the anticipation of wedding preparation is still there and keeping it fresh and I don't know just more interesting in a way? Ahh I probably not making sense right now, I'm sleep deprived. I think there's one more video coming up for Hana to share, a video of us being interviewed. Who knows when we'll get to see that, better late than never ;)

Love the little sketches Hana did, so adorable!

p/s: Don't forget to come on over to Stellar Vintage Bazaar this Saturday at Empire Subang.

I'll be there to give support to my friend Bono who's the organizer & ofcourse to satiate my love for vintage ;)

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