WIWT: Pastel & a Farewell

It was a sunny evening and I asked Kak Gee to take this photo for me before we head inside to the Farewell Dinner celebrating a few seniors who took VSS and for myself as well. 

Bought this sweet pastel mint green when I was in Bandung, two more days I haven't really blogged about yet. This CASA ELANA label belongs to the owners of Hijab Scarf (fashion forward inspiring muslimah style, helped me a lot when I first started wearing hijab), the gorgeous Fifi Alvianto & cutesy Hanna Faridhl. At first I was stumped on how to style this fish tail peter pan collared cardigan, but seeing Fifi rocked hers with a side draped skirt inspired me. And I thought, wearing it to meet my (now) ex-colleagues was a pretty good idea. Wore my hemlock cardigan with SHOP SPUTNIKSWEETHEART palazo pants.

Paired with a chiffon pastel purple scarf that matches the hemlock cardigan's round buttons & elbow patch. Also a dainty handmade flower necklace which was gifted to me by Tongue in Chic sometime ago, it was from their TiC Store.

With my Sony makan buddies (minus Alin & Hui Lee), Kak Gee on the left and Iylia on my right.

With my bosses & seniors that I utterly respect and admire ♥

Girls & boy, now ex-colleagues. Will miss you guys!

Didn't expect to receive anything because it's been so loooooong, I didn't come in to work since I got sick in May 2010 and after a super long leave courtesy of the management - my resignation was finally approved last month. Naz helped cleaned up my desk and belongings, which they still kept at my table eventhough I was absent all these while :") and although I didn't prepare a speech but I was strangely calm and very happy to see everyone and just blurted out anything that came to my mind when I was at the stand; asking forgiveness, stating appreciation and such. And no tears was shed (from my part atleast), mainly because I am happy with my decision and love where I am now. It was a lovely night and I will never ever forget all the years working in Sony EMCS, all the supports that I receive from these people in my sickness and in my health. Goodbye Sony, memories remain April 2007 - March 2012.

Now, does anyone in the fashion/lifestyle industry would like to hire me as a contract worker or freelance? More than interested to plunge into the strange (industrious) land I've been side stepping all this while ;)


  1. love the effect on the very first pic :)

  2. kak ami check email :) i want to buy the palazzo pants :D REPLY PLEASE MY EMAIL.HUNTING FOR THAT KIND OF PANTS ;)

  3. kak ami,reply my email! am hunting the palazzo pants at your shop :D
    really looking forward you reply hence,i can make a payment!
    thank you.


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