Leopard scarf from ZARA | Lavender oversized shirt from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Thin sweater from MNG | Owl necklace from Forever21 | Tangerine pants bought online | Fav new flats & cat eye shades from Vincci

Woke up around 4:30am so that we could check in just in time around 620am at KLIA. Love my new RM16 passport wallet from Vincci, it was the last one and on sale! We had a transit in Singapore and Imran Ajmain was in the same flight with us! Got a lil starstrucked *_* Arrived in Jakarta around 3pm and went straight to Mangga Dua, got lost in there -__-" and as the stalls were closing found one that sells amazingly cheap necklaces and I have such weaknesses for bold necklaces and bought quite a lot. Goodbye DIVA, goodbye Forever21 accessories.. I'll see you guys next year! And then our trusted pak supir aka driver brought us to Suri Bondo, a restaurant serving Padang cuisine.. HEAVENLY!! In the photos we may look pretty controlled but as soon as the camera's down we ate like the food was gonna run away if we didn't! SO GOOOOOOOD! Love the squid dish ♥ And ofcourse a must have; Jus Alpukat or Avocado Juice mixed with Chocolate. YUM! After satisfying our hunger, we drove back to Bandung; well actually our driver brought us while me, Watie, Pak Tam and Baby Nia slept.. teeehee. Naz entertained him for awhile before I heard him sleep too. Arrived at our hotel around 11pm and slept like a baby at Verona Palace & Hotel.

Till my next post!