WIWT: Blue Flamingo

DIY-ed this hoodie lace caftan last week in 3 days! Tutorial later, here's me flaunting it in two days in a row, couldn't help it, I'm a proud mommy who just gave 'birth' to a beautiful purrdy thing, bear with me will ya? ;)

Before heading off to Wynn & Bad's wedding reception, she asked me to wore mint and I tried my best to fulfill her request. Even challenged myself to sew even though I have never sewed anything in my life! Good to know that at one point in life, mom taught me how to knot the end of threads and lucky for me that I still remember that lesson. Or was that part of Life Skill subject in highschool? Hmm... Anyways...

Details (and a mini lesson on layering in the tropics), I layered a white cotton long sleeved shirt under a black lace long sleeved shirt under a sleeveless round neck white maxi dress under the transparent chiffon caftan! That was a lot! But it was purrrfect texture play in my opinion, each layer made the whole outfit different and snazzy ;) White Maxi Dress was from Mimpi Kita preloved sale.

Vintage sequinned mini audiere ♥

My black ruffled wedding heels, that I most usually wear to other people's wedding haha! It's from Charles & Keith.

Wynn is just so freakin' gorgeous! Love that she cut her hair short a few days before the wedding, looks so refreshing ♥

Girlfriends! ♥

My soulmate ♥

Some *cough* vain *cough* style shot after the ceremony.

It was really happy & romantic night, I couldn't stop smiling all the way back. So good to see my high school friends and ofcourse watching Wynn in all her gloriness as the beautiful bride. Even the moon was shining bright that night!

As for me, I wasn't fully satisfied of wearing my wispy chiffon caftan only for a few hours. I just HAD to wear it again as casual wear the next day. Cue more vain-pot pictures;

How I wish I have a white Maysaa snood scarf, it would've been perfect. I don't even have any plain white scarf! Or black or even plain brown... Weird huh? Anybody wants to donate me some? :P And after walking in these heels all day long at the mall, I can safely vouch that it's truely comfortable. Naz said I didn't complain at all, which can only mean that I'm happy with my heels and I love wearing 'em. I really want the black version of it though. Available at Calaman. The white pants is part of my Rumah Mode haul, only about RM30+. Score! Borrowed husband's Rayban aviators to edge it up a bit.

Changed up the original black chiffon sash I wore the night before with a patent white ribbon belt I have.

Thinking of producing more of this hoodie laced caftan for sale, what color do you guys want to be paired with these white laces? Let me know! Still can't believe I hand sewn this within 3 days, the feeling of having designed & making something is just so awesome. Progress photos of this project were posted on my instagram: amischaheera