Interview & featured in VELVET MAGAZINE March 2012 edition. Velvet is a UAE-based international monthly magazine that looks West but thinks East; it incorporates global style and trends but holds true to its Islamic roots, appealing to discerning readers from the Gulf to Morocco, from Beirut to Berlin. My first time being featured in an international media print! Check them out on facebook. Thank you so much Hafsa Lodi for the interview!

My online shop is picked and featured to be in InTrend magazine under the entrepreneur category! Thank you  so much InTrend ♥

5 minutes of fame with my Scarflet sisters earlier this month, watch it in Tonton episode 10. Thank you Siti Hajar for the feature!

Surprisingly featured last month in Jelita (even after months of not updating lol!), which made me determined to start blogging again. Thanks JELITA!

Interview & featured in The STAR iPAD version on 19th January 2012, if you have an iPAD you can download the app and check out the article titled Hip Hijabistas (although I do not see myself as hip in any ways). Honoured to be featured alongside dear friends Yuna, Hana Tajima and Eyqa Sulaiman ♥ Thank you so much Michelle Tam for the feature! Used the same photo over and over again since I barely took any photos during the time that my blog 'slept'.

All right so that rounds up for this year, alhamdulillah syukur ♥


  1. Ami,
    you're so famous
    you're so fashionable
    you're so kindness..
    all the best ami..
    big hugs.. :)

    1. thank you so much wawa, you are too kind.. i'm probably only half or much less of what you describe ^_^ *hugs*

  2. again n again congrats on those featured cs. best of luck on everything ok.. ^^

  3. dah lama tak singgah sini.
    and now m hpy to see u being featured in so many publications :D congrats kak ami :))


  4. ami tahniah - semoga success selalu okey..tabah aper yang dihadapi...tonggak kejayaan ....

  5. banyaknya keluar magazine sekarang! congrats :D
    and najwa look lovely on the intrend cover hihi

    by the way, can you give a suggestion for a hijab friendly outfit to a hitea function. thank you <3


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