a day with Wardah & Dian

Azua Drapey Duo Scarf from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Top from ZARA | Pants from JrBelle | Boots bought online | Accessories: choker & ring from Diva, Casio watch from Urban-Retro

We met with Dian again, this time also with Wardah Cosmetics representatives. Wardah Cosmetics is an Indonesian brand halal cosmetic. We were each given a Wardah product to sample on and I got a lip pallette!  Love it ♥ And then we got to talking about Hijabers Community Indonesia, Dian explained about the organisation and their activities, we were in awe and very much amazed at how much effort and time has been put behind Hijabers Community. It's very very inspiring! Compared to Scarflets, we have none to be proud of.. with that in mind, we want to start even with small steps we hope to start the change we want to see in the world (quoting Gandhi). Therefore this Sunday at 10am - 12pm there will be a hijab styling session held at Old Blossom Box Store in Shah Alam. InsyaAllah we are hoping that we can help as much people as we can slowly. The attendance for that event itself is alhamdulillah full at 45-50 pax, hopefully there will be more event like this in the future. For more info, please contact Jezmine at

So, thank you so much to Dian and Hijabers Community for being such an inspiration. We hope to be as an amazing force as you guys are! Any tips and thoughts please? ;)

Afterwards we proceeded outside, for some style shot session and photos together ♥

All in all, thank you so much Dian & Wardah for such a good time and I hope one day Scarflets will be as strong and big like Hijabers Community Indonesia. Let's meet up Hijabers! I'll be in Bandung end of this month for vacation, anyone wanna show me around? :P


  1. Ami, you look great. Am loving the top :D

    1. thank you dear! cant believe i'm liking florals :P

  2. This colog suits you very well, beautiful!
    And very pretty make up.

    1. yay! indeed i looove green, wonder why I dont wear it that much haha

  3. You girls are seriously the most stylish and chic! I love your outfit posts. So much inspiration!

  4. I was hoping Malaysia have something like 'hijabers community Indonesia' too. Btw, I pernah nampak Malaysian hijabers community at Facebook. But not sure whether it's active or not.

    1. Ooh really? Just heard of it yesterday after googling for hijabers community.. what most important is that we are all working to be a better person and community, insyaAllah we support eachother right? :)

  5. Assalamualaikum semua..

    salam perkenalan dan jemput singgah ke
    Kami menawarkan tudung bawal plain no.1 'Dian Pelangi'
    dengan warna yang menarik dan harga yng berpatutan..

    sebarang order boleh dibuat melalui sms 013-3189358 atau email ke

    Wanita Hiasan Dunia Seindah Hiasan adalah Wanita Solehah..

    terima kasih senyum2 [:)]

  6. hi! amy..
    ni HC Sabah
    aktif gak ni..mcm2 xtvt & yg penting dah b'daftar :)


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