WIWT / EVENT: Pretty in Hijab

Azua Drapey Duo Scarf from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Inner neck from Tudung People | Blazer from Azorias | Floral top from The Shoplifters | Skirt from Forever21

Last Sunday, Jezmine and The Scarflets girls decided to organize a small hijab styling session. Coaching the style session is Jezmine's own ex-intern at Old Blossom Box, Didi! She has quite a handful of hijab styles shared that day, love seeing all the girls struggling to get the style right it was fun and funny at some point haha! But we all shared some good time together helping each other out, there were even some girls who weren't in hijab but just came by to learn too. Extraordinary and just somehow bring that warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts ♥

Lisa Magazine also dropped by to take style shots of the participants and gave away free copies of their latest edition. Thank you so much LiSA! And there was also Melda Ahmad, who was one of the sponsors for the gifts but hummm I was too shy to take a photo with her and acted like a total fool by smiling like a donkey. Oh well!
Thank you Jezmine and Didi for all the hard work organizing such a sweet event and I hope the girls who got the doorgifts from Shop SputnikSweetheart are happy! Hopefully there will be more events like this in the future insyaAllah ♥

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