WIWT: Fashion.TV Party {09.04.2011}

WHAT I WORE: Schanaz Scarf in Mossy Green | Cape from Honey Pumpkin ♥ | Sequin tank top & Leather capped Harem Pants from Shop SputnikSweetheart (exclusive) | Leopard print belt from Oh Popsicles | Long sleeved tee from MNG | Double Knuckle Diamond rings & Matilda White Bib Necklace, new updates tonight from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Slit patent wedges from Orange Little

I won the passes from Tongue in Chic competition, and the theme was Race Glamor which actually is a combination of F1 and Fashion which was happening that weekend. No I didn't go watch F1 despite bff Wynn being F1 Kebaya Girl that weekend :(

This is my lil companion that night, Adriani.

And the other girl & her friend who also won passes to Fashion.TV party.

I was actually more intrigued when they stated that there were gonna be a fashion presentation but oh boy the waiting was endless! Thank God I have Yanny to chat with, we haven't met for so long (it feels like it) so time did flew by a lil bit faster than snail-mail. And sadly the jewelry presentation lasted for like 10 minutes after the long wait. We went back straight after the jewelry presentation :)

Arai-san, Naz's colleague from Japan who came by for Sony's project. He was utterly nice when Naz went to Japan, became his tour guide whenever they get a chance to travel a lil on the weekends. Therefore we took this chance to repay his deed, Naz accompanied him for dinner the whole week - I had STYLO fashion shows almost every night that week which was very convenient for both of us. As is that night for Fashion.TV party because Arai-san was staying at the same hotel the party was held. So Naz parked our car at the hotel's basement, send me off and took Arai-san to a mamak stall aka Pelita near KLCC ;)

The next day, we took Arai-san to Malacca, that was an adventure of its own which deserved a whole new post! So until then. Fact about Arai-san: he watches Gossip Girl & Glee, listens to 80's-90's rock music and a bit of an anime otaku. He's cool in my opinion! I've never known any Japanese personally who likes all the above. Haha.

More pictures from Fashion.TV party is posted { here }

p/s: Check out SHOP SPUTNIKSWEETHEART's Bejeweled update tonight!