WIWT: Fashion.TV Party {09.04.2011}

WHAT I WORE: Schanaz Scarf in Mossy Green | Cape from Honey Pumpkin ♥ | Sequin tank top & Leather capped Harem Pants from Shop SputnikSweetheart (exclusive) | Leopard print belt from Oh Popsicles | Long sleeved tee from MNG | Double Knuckle Diamond rings & Matilda White Bib Necklace, new updates tonight from Shop SputnikSweetheart | Slit patent wedges from Orange Little

I won the passes from Tongue in Chic competition, and the theme was Race Glamor which actually is a combination of F1 and Fashion which was happening that weekend. No I didn't go watch F1 despite bff Wynn being F1 Kebaya Girl that weekend :(

This is my lil companion that night, Adriani.

And the other girl & her friend who also won passes to Fashion.TV party.

I was actually more intrigued when they stated that there were gonna be a fashion presentation but oh boy the waiting was endless! Thank God I have Yanny to chat with, we haven't met for so long (it feels like it) so time did flew by a lil bit faster than snail-mail. And sadly the jewelry presentation lasted for like 10 minutes after the long wait. We went back straight after the jewelry presentation :)

Arai-san, Naz's colleague from Japan who came by for Sony's project. He was utterly nice when Naz went to Japan, became his tour guide whenever they get a chance to travel a lil on the weekends. Therefore we took this chance to repay his deed, Naz accompanied him for dinner the whole week - I had STYLO fashion shows almost every night that week which was very convenient for both of us. As is that night for Fashion.TV party because Arai-san was staying at the same hotel the party was held. So Naz parked our car at the hotel's basement, send me off and took Arai-san to a mamak stall aka Pelita near KLCC ;)

The next day, we took Arai-san to Malacca, that was an adventure of its own which deserved a whole new post! So until then. Fact about Arai-san: he watches Gossip Girl & Glee, listens to 80's-90's rock music and a bit of an anime otaku. He's cool in my opinion! I've never known any Japanese personally who likes all the above. Haha.

More pictures from Fashion.TV party is posted { here }

p/s: Check out SHOP SPUTNIKSWEETHEART's Bejeweled update tonight!



  1. you cantik sgt dear:)
    dress and everything are really suit
    to you dear;)

  2. you and adriani sure looked great. :)

  3. ami, cincin tu sgt eye-catchy :)
    santekkk over all~

  4. ahhh..awak mmg fashionable no doubt! but I have to say an anime otaku is indeed cool to me..w00t..w00t! :)

  5. nmpak cantik la kak ami :)
    btw stay strong.

  6. Assalam..
    i still and always believe that less is more. I'm not an expertise and am no one too, but honestly..looking at you, don't you think you overdo it? My sincere apology..

  7. Az, perhaps i was.. To each it's own :)

  8. assalammualaikum...
    odie!!!!..aka ami...

    amrah ni...
    actually i follow ur stories..
    silent reader..hihih

    hurmm...sgt stylish rupanya kawan sy ni..
    kena belajar gini..saya mcm dulu..sangat simple..tak pandai bergaya...
    may be i need to learn from u..

    dont forget to give me some tips..hihihiih..

    apa2pun odie..
    although sangat lama tak contact..
    u still my classmate during from 1 until from 3..

    amrah insyaallah doakan terbaik untuk my sahabat..

    jangan give up ye...
    doa...usaha..tawakal ..insyaallah

    hope to see u soon..

    take careeeee!!!! =)


  9. Sometimes you just have to do it.


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