WIWT: Breast Cancer Support Group Launching

WHAT I WORE: Round shades from MNG | Schanaz Scarf in Dusted Rose | Inner Balqis from Sugarscarf | Chained Diamante Brooch from Diva | Chunky necklace from Soak Republic | Hot pink top from Mimpi Kita | Feathered wool blazer bought online, can't remember where | MNG flare pants, bought 50% off in January 2011 | Zara pink pumps also bought at 50% off

Wore this pink & grey ensemble to;
What: Breast Cancer Support Group Launch
When: Thursday, 31st March 2011
Where: Prince Court Medical Centre
Why: Why not? Aha, to show my support to other ladies who has cancer as well..

Ms. Kavita Kaur talked about among other things is doing breast self-check, it's quite unnecessary for young ladies below age of 40 to go for a mammogram because breast self-check is good enough. Know your body ladies, take care of your health while you still have it.
A very inspiring & upbeat talk by Datuk Chef Wan, he's funny & spontaneous and just full of life! I love what he said about living life to the fullest no matter in what state we are in, in sickness or health. And keep on giving to the world, appreciate each moment & share your love and happiness to everyone arounds us.
Beautiful art work.

Flower arrangement demo & food demo, I'll upload the recipe & more photos in my facebook :)

Thank you Ili for accompanying me & Uzair for inviting me to this event ♥
I forgot to do the "Habibabah Bubu Era" bit to Adibah! Totally love that episode, you guys better watch it if you haven't!

Went to SS15 for dinner that night at Gold Chilli's and coincidentally met darling shoplifter sister, Shuz. She's gonna open up a design studio soon! You go girl!! xx
No wonder people say I look fat in pictures, look at my chipmunk cheeks! Fueled up with butter chicken from Gold Chilli's, sinfully delicious.

My hijab looks different coz I did an impromptu hijab tutorial for the IAMJETFUEL girls who bought 5/6 Schanaz Scarves from me. Hehe.. And yeap the night superstar Yuna came back to Malaysia, I was in the area and met her again. Last time was during LIVE FASHION / LOVE MUSIC event.
Welcome home my fashion muse ♥

The rest of the photos { here }



  1. man, look at how much we've grown! hahahaha.

  2. My cheeks look like chipmunks as well!!

    You look different when you're wearing business like clothes. Not bad different!! good different.

    I hope I'm making sense. By the way I found this blog and she has such cute outfits!

  3. Sister Ami, I'm holding a contest/giveaway hope you can enter!!

  4. Love your sunglasses & I am soo jealous that you met Yuna!! ;)

    xx khadija

  5. i've been reading your blog since like forever. I love how you rock the turban style. :) goodluck with your hijab line. :)

  6. ami dear, where did you get the clutch? i love it the most. details please =)


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